Who Is In Charge Of Your Wedding?

It’s very easy to feel like your wedding is gaining momentum and spinning out of control. It takes months to plan because there is so much to organize. The trouble is, there is more to manage than one person can handle! You have to delegate or order companies to step in and take care of some of the details. And, as the star of the big event, you can’t possibly be running things from the sidelines. So who on earth is in charge of your wedding?

It’s Not Going To Be You Or Your Partner

Let’s face it – your wedding day is designed to celebrate your love for each other. You can’t possibly be running around taking the photographs, handing out favors, or serving food as well. That means that, on the day at least, you’re going to have to step back and let someone else be in charge of coordinating everything for you. No matter how well you have planned, you can’t execute as well!

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Bridesmaids or Best Man?

So who will you delegate everything to? Will it be the bridesmaids or the best man? They’re going to be pretty busy on the day too. You might find that you can put some of the important tasks into someone else’s hands, but you won’t find anyone willing to take on the whole wedding. Not if they’ve got a big, responsible role to play like bridesmaid or best man! Of course, there are other people in your wedding party that will be happy to take on one or two key tasks.

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Who Is Critical To Capturing The Day?

When you’re trying to find someone to coordinate everything and everyone on the big day, you might consider turning to the team hired to capture all of the moments for your event. You might find a really good wedding DJs and videography company that manages this side of things too. After all, their role is to capture the moments you’ve asked for, so it makes sense that they coordinate everyone to achieve that. You’ll find a really good company happily manages the communications with every other company you’ve hired to help too.

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Who Have You Hired To Help?

You’ve probably hired a florist to manage the bouquet, your table decorations and all the buttonholes. They tend to be distant from the actual day. You’ll have a wedding venue that might also manage the catering. Perhaps you have a wedding car too? None of these companies will be as involved with the actual event as your DJ or videographer. Of course, if you can afford a wedding planner, you might be able to put the reins in their hands for everything. Do you want to be that hands-off though?

What Can You Do To Steer The Wedding In The Right Direction?

Handing over responsibility for your big day is really hard to do. It’s stressful. You’ve worked really hard to plan the perfect day, but then you have to trust other people to actually deliver it. You can, however, make sure that everything goes your way by sharing the details of exactly what you want in full. Who can you trust to make your dreams come true?

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