When It Comes To Your Home, “Good Enough” Isn’t Good Enough!

There’s a habit that a lot of people have when it comes to interior design that is a pretty serious problem. That issue is that people often don’t bother to put in the right amount of effort into the design of their homes at all. Because of this many homes end up looking boring and generic. But why does this happen? The most common reason is that making your home look great takes at least a small amount of effort and most people are happy to just look at their home and say “well, it’s good enough.” Often they only think of this as a temporary step, but it’s very common for homes to end up that way permanently, never able to get past the stage of being “good enough.” With that in mind, here are some ways that you can get your home past that stage and turn it into a place where you really love to spend your time.



Furniture should, first and foremost, be functional. This is just common sense. After all, no one wants to sit on a lumpy couch or put their books on a shelf that’s just going to immediately collapse. However, function isn’t the only thing that you need to think about when it comes to your furniture. Furniture should also compliment the style of your home in the same way decorations or the paint on the walls might. Even simple things like bookcases and television stands can be used to make a room more stylish. Instead of going for generic furniture from places like ikea, why not seek out something with a bit more personality. It might be a little more expensive but think of it as an investment in the way that your home feels.   


A lot of people stuck a couple of pictures on the wall and leave it at that. Not only is this totally uninteresting but it actually ends up making things look worse than if you’d just left the walls blank. This is because one small picture in the middle of large wall ends up getting dwarfed and just looking ridiculous. If you’re going to decorate your walls, commit to it! Go for a large mural that covers the entire wall, or a whole bunch of smaller decorations that you can use to create a lot of visual interest. This way your home is not only going to look more exciting, but it’s actually going to end up looking a lot more natural as well.


home layout

Many homeowners tend to assume that there’s only ever one way to lay out a room. This is because people tend not to want to use much imagination when it comes to the design of their homes. Sure, you could have a living room when the sofas are all pointing towards the TV, but why not try something different? Why not point the sofas at each other, to encourage conversation. Or perhaps you should keep them against the wall to maximise space in the centre of the room. All of these things might not be the obvious choice, but they can often make a room much more interesting and enjoyable to be in.

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