Unleashing Your Inner Mumpreneur: Some Ideas To Get You Started

I love being at home with my little one and enjoying life as a wife and mum, but some mothers out there like to try their hand at starting businesses from home while looking after the kiddos. Flexibility in the workplace is quite rare at the moment, and while hopefully a more flexible working environment will be available to all parents in the future, right now some mums find it difficult to head back to work after having a baby. But yet, feel like they would like to do something to enable them to strike that great balance between earning an income and being a homemaker. This is where the new generation of the mumpreneurs have come to life and there is no better time for women to begin their working lives from home by either going freelance or creating their own business. I wanted to share with you some ideas that could ignite some inspiration to get you started yourself.

Blogging and vlogging

Blogging is something I really enjoy doing, but so many mums are turning it into something that can make them income each month. I recently shared a blog post about it. More and more brands are looking to work with real people with an engaged audience, which means that blogging can be so much more than your online diary these days. You can share your interests, your experiences and passions in a range of subjects. Parenting is a great place to start, however if you find you are wanting to share recipes, lifestyle, fitness, etc then a blog could be the way to go. Vlogging is taking it a step further and creating a YouTube channel and video blogging instead of writing. Again there are now vlogger sin a range of subjects and niches that can earn big money through advertising. However, one of the great thing blogging and vlogging does is enable you to bank those memories digitally.

Creating your own childrens clothing range

Have you been on Instagram or Etsy lately? There are now an abundance of small businesses selling products and a popular choice to consider would be a children’s clothing range. More mums are looking for unusual clothing pieces, and are forever scouring small business to find something that is a little different than what you can find on the high street. If you find that you are one of those mums why not create a range that you love? Picking up wholesale fabric is easy thanks to the internet and if you don’t have the skills in creating clothing then you could always collaborate with like minded individuals. Maybe start off with clothes for your own children and take it from there. You might be surprised by what you are capable of.

Taking your skills and going freelance

Finally, maybe you are already skilled or have qualifications to take advantage of? Writing, digital marketing, website management or creation, to name a few, are all things you can do freelance. Websites like People per hour have an array of jobs from all sorts of backgrounds that could help you launch your very own freelance business.

I hope that this has provided you with some inspiration to maybe take that leap of faith yourself.

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