Unique Birthday Celebrations For Your Little One

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Any parent will be able to tell you the standard routine when it comes to attending kids’ birthday parties. After all, we’ve been to too many to count, as kids tend to have a much larger friendship groups than adults do and chances are that you’ll be attending classmates’ celebrations throughout the entire year. So, here’s the drill: the parents rent a hall, around half an hour is spent keeping an eye on kids running around excitedly as guests filter in, an hour of party games with around a half hour interval for food, then everyone sings “Happy Birthday”, the cake is cut, party bags are handed out, and everyone goes on their merry way. This is pleasant. The kids enjoy themselves, and everyone (hopefully) goes home contented and worn out, ready for bed. But if you’re planning on something extra special, you may want to break away from this mold a little. Here are a few unique birthday party ideas for your kids!


The local hall or community center may be the closest and most convenient option, but you might want to mix things up a bit. After all, you’ve probably already been to a few events there this year already. There are so many different Function Rooms and Venues out there that it’s well worth your time and effort doing a little research and branching out a bit. Specialist venues are also likely to be fully equipped with everything you need for the event, such as sound systems, projectors (to watch films or cartoons), and catering services. There will also be more parking available for guests when they are dropping their children off and picking them back up, or if they wish to stay with their child for the endurance of the party.


Pass the parcel, and musical chairs are classic party games. But children are easily distracted and will quickly tire of them. So why not step things up a bit with some live entertainment. Qualified and security checked costume characters can be a great addition to the day. Whether your child likes Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Disney, or Pixar, there’s bound to be a service out there who can cater to their tastes. Alternatively, you could bring in a magician, or hire a DJ to turn the afternoon into a disco. Look around for good reviews and recommendations so that you can gauge how good a service someone offers before putting down a deposit or full payment.

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The Cake

Chances are you’ve spent previous years trawling from store to store to find the perfect cake for your child. Perhaps they like a certain character for the icing or certain flavors for the filling. The price of pre-made birthday cakes is constantly on the rise, so why not consider having one especially handmade. It’s unlikely to cost all too much more, and you will be able to surprise your little one with a truly unique cake especially for them. You can choose the decoration, the fillings, and even the shape. Kids are often extremely impressed by photo cakes, which are becoming more and more widely available. Perhaps order one with an image of them on it, a photo of them and their friends or a beloved family pet. Make it something to remember!

These are just a few areas to focus on, but each will add a truly special touch to your child’s special day!

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