Top Tips for When Your Partner Works Away

Being a parent is always tricky. The kids have so many needs and take up vast amounts of your time. You want to give them the best and be there for them whenever they need you. But, you have your own commitments and other responsibilities and need to take a little time out for yourself sometimes.

Whatever your situation, parenting is tough. Some of us work, some stay at home, some are married, others single and some fall into that odd middle ground. Where their partners are home some of the time, but frequently work away and can be gone for weeks at a time. For the parent at home, it can be difficult to adjust. But then you get into your own routines and find your own ways of doing things. You and the kids develop a special bond and learn to get by on your own. Then, suddenly, another parent is thrown into the mix. You’re happy to see them and glad of the support. But, they interrupt your routines.

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It can be hard learning to cope alone, maintain a positive relationship and then adjust when they return. Here are some top tips to help.

Support and Help Them

Remember, it’s hard for them too. They’re out somewhere on their own, away from their loving family, missing important parts of their children’s childhood. If they are working out in an oil field or something like it, they might be at risk of injury or accident. Learn more about how to help them, but remember that they are doing what they do for their family and they need your support.

Keep in Touch

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The world is much smaller than it used to be. While contact may depend on what they are doing and where, in some cases you’ll be able to email and message whenever you want. You could even video chat. Keep in touch as much as you can. Make an effort to speak to them and send them things as often as possible.

Get into a Routine

Having a routine will help you to cope, keep the kids settled and help your partner to slot back in easily when they return. When someone is away, it can be tempting to let things slide and spoil the kids. But, this will only make things harder. Try to stick to your normal routine, with a few small, necessary changes.

Choose Your Battles

Even younger children will realize that something is different if one of their parents goes away. You’ll probably find it leads to them pushing the boundaries a little or their grades slipping. It can start to feel like you are in a constant battle. To make life easier, it’s ok to pick your fights. Let some small things slide for a peaceful life, and you’ll probably find their behavior goes back to normal in no time.

Take a Break

Give yourself a break. Parenting alone is never easy, and it’s even harder when you are missing your other half terribly. Find a babysitter or ask someone to help out so that you can have a break occasionally. You deserve it.

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