Top 6 Tips for a Top Halloween Kids Party

Thinking of throwing a Halloween party for your kids this year? Want it to be bigger and better than ever before? Read on for our top tips on things you can do to ensure this year’s kids halloween party is the best one yet.

halloween party kids

Start with the Front Door

What better first impression can you give for your halloween party than by theming your front door. Depending on the theme of your halloween party think about how you can theme your front door so that it looks as spooky as possible for when the guests start to arrive.

Scavenger Hunts

Taking the children on a scavenger hunt is a really great idea for halloween. Organising halloween scavenger hunts is surprisingly easy and is a firm favourite with children. As they can make their way around the route picking up lots of treats and getting lots of little surprises, good and bad of course, along the way.

Party Activities

There are so many different halloween activities that you can plan depending on the age of your children. Scavenger hunts are great for slightly older children whilst slightly less intense activities such as a pumpkin carving competition is more suitable for smaller children. Put a little research into spooky halloween games that the children will really enjoy and will get them into the spooky halloween spirit.

For older children maybe you can really go to town and create a haunted house theme where you enlist the help of some of the other parents to dress up and roam around the house looking a little spooky. Be careful not to overdo this as haunted house themes are generally better for children well into their teenage year.

Party Food

Obviously the food needs to be a little different at a children’s halloween party than at a normal party. So look at recipes like ghostly cupcakes, green gunge slime juice or jelly cake, blood ice-cream and deathly pizza slices cut into different scary shapes. Be creative with the food and have fun creating a unique, halloween twist on your party food.

Trunk or Treat

The popularity of getting cars involved in halloween theming is really on the rise. So why not start your halloween theming as far as your car on the front drive. You can open up the trunk of the car and theme it with pumpkins, decorations and lots of sweets and goodies to hand out to the children when they arrive and when they leave.

Music & Atmosphere

You are going to need to be super focused on the lighting at your halloween party as ambience is everything when it comes to a successful halloween party. Therefore you want low lighting and a selection of creepy glowing green and red lighted bulbs to add a spooky ambience. Although candles do add the perfect ambience for halloween it is best to opt for imitation candle light to keep your home safe for the children. Select a couple of fun and ghoulish halloween CD’s or even create your own halloween playlist and hey presto you’ve got yourself a festive and suitably spooky halloween party.

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