Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe at Home

If you have small children in your home, you know what bundles of joy they can be. They can also throw some challenges in your day-to-day routine as well. One of these challenges is that of keeping them safe, especially when they reach that age where they can take off on their own.

Too often, people tend not to see a danger until after an injury has occurred, after which they wonder why they never noticed it before. Detecting things that could cause injury to small children can be especially challenging because adults are looking at things from a higher angle than the children are. For example, if a cabinet door is left open in the kitchen and is sticking out to where someone could walk into it, the hazard is fairly obvious. This is because the hazard is at eye level.

To get a better understanding of similar types of things that small children could get hurt on, you could simply take a look at the room from their eye level. Doing this may reveal things like sharp corners on coffee and end tables that are just the right height for a toddler to walk into. After making this assessment, you can consider doing things such as child proofing sharp corners. There are companies, like Fingerguard USA, that have a selection of products that can help with these kinds of things.

While you are on the floor looking around the room from a child’s eye view, you might look for things into which little fingers can go. Keep in mind that if you can stick a normal size wooden pencil into it, a child can put a finger there. You should look for things that can shock, like electrical outlets and extension cords lying on the floor. There are devices you can purchase to stick in the outlet when it is not in use in order to keep little fingers out.

After you have dealt with the shock hazards, you can look for things that can cut or pinch. The opening between the wall and a door is a good example. While, as an adult, you would not think of sticking your finger there, children are more curious. If you determine that a danger exists, there are things you can buy to seal off the opening.

These are just a few of the things you can do keep your children safe and happy. While you may not be able to eliminate every possibility of a child getting hurt, you can look at the things that have the potential to cause something more serious than those everyday bumps and bruises.

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