Time for Adventure: Pushing Our Children Out of Their Comfort Zone

The words children and risk can not always sit well together. As a parent, we can conjure up ideas and images about our children hanging from a cliff and being in trouble. But, of course, not all risks that they take are going to be created equal. Some risks our children take are going to be necessary, and even positively beneficial to help our children develop into well-rounded individuals.

In life, there are many risks around us. As adults, we have navigated and learned most of what we need to know. We’ll drive slower around a corner in the rain than we would on a straight road in the sunshine, for example. But when our children haven’t had the life experiences that we have had, how will they know when they should be ‘slowing down’ or ‘speeding up’? So our children need to be able to learn and decide these kinds of things for themselves. But how can they do it? As much as we don’t want them to face any risk, our children do have to be exposed to it in order to learn and grow. When this happens, they will develop certain skills like decision-making, acting on impulse, and show what areas they need to focus on too.

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So how can we help our children to learn and grow, but without putting themselves in danger? Here are some things that you can do to help them choose the right adventure.

Provide Opportunities

If our children are just sat at home watching TV or playing on a games console, they are not going to be blessed with the opportunities that are going to help them to learn and to grow. So we as their parents need to provide the chance for them to face some risks. It could be simply doing more out and about as a family. Hiking, biking, and fishing, are all some good ways that could help them to face physical risks. You could get them to experience other outdoor adventures like skiing or quad biking. The latter could even be something that you can help them to do regularly, by checking this kids ATV resource, for example, and then getting one to have at home. Adrenaline is a great thing for our children to experience, as it will help them to know that fight or flight feeling.

Allow Mistakes

When you become a parent you suddenly want to do all that you can for your children and don’t want to make them feel sad. But if they make mistakes or fail in a task, then it can help them to become more resilient. Next time, it will help them to learn from their mistakes and  to do better. So as hard as it can be sometimes, allowing them to make some mistakes, rather than doing everything for them, can actually be beneficial.

Keep Communication Open

If your children know that they can come and talk to you about anything that they need to, then it is a great thing as a parent. They can share their joys, their highs, and their lows. You can talk through risks they may have taken and if they have paid off. So be an approachable parent that will understand and listen to your children, not just lecture them.

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