The Staples Of A Far East Dinner Party

Throwing an entertaining dinner party is a chance for you to show your friends and guests the real you. It’s a chance to mingle with the people you’re really interested in or simply share a moment of love and joy. In the West, we often get acclimatized to cuisines from our childhood and the cities or regions that have our favorite cuisines. However international dinner parties where all kinds of new and exciting cuisine are present, are a great opportunity to branch and give your tastebuds something new. Far East cuisine is often honed in to one location; Japan. The land of the rising sun as it is known around the world has a very distinct cuisine that is incidentally, very generous for the Western palate. Unlike some South Asian foods that may be a little too spicy for some, Japanese cuisine has a balance of herbs, spices and simply hearty food you can try out.

salmon maki

Introduce guests to raw fish

It sounds rather odd, and it’s almost a phenomenon because everyone has the same reaction to the thought of eating raw fish. It sounds strange and horrid, but the way the great people of Japan have turned this into a global delicacy is a symbol of how great this type of food is. Many local restaurants will allow you to order to take away, so you can ask them to recommend something not so harsh for newcomers. However, there are stores and many online recipes to choose from which range from beginners to confident sushi connoisseurs. Tuna is very much a fish that is known to many people in the West, so the taste of it in sushi will be familiar. This is a great choice for those who haven’t tried the dish but have tasted the fish itself. You can even try sushi will dull tasting and less pungent seafood like cod, pollack, haddock as well as lobster and crab.

japanese ramen

The traditional Japanese meal

Where would the world be without the glorious, hot, rich and filling dish of ramen? A traditional ramen meal was eaten by the working class as with all nations with hearty meals. The dish was also served with fatty cuts of pork. You can find lots of recipes and tutorials online for the different types of ramen. Don’t approach this as a basic noodle dish as in fact; there is a ramen museum in Japan dedicated to this basic and yet complex combination of flavors style of cuisine. Many ramen restaurants also serve a shot of smooth but firm alcohol, normally coming in the form of the nation’s famous, saki. Competitive to this is the kikori whiskey price. In the review, you’ll find it taste lighter than normal Japanese whiskeys. However, it’s also smoother and brighter in color. The texture is truly unique and would go down superbly with a hot bowl of ramen as part of your main course.

A dinner party doesn’t have to be boring and purely there as a catalyst to catch up with your loved ones. Be adventurous and start new conversations by introducing your guests to Japanese cuisine. The smoothness of the alcohol is met with the chili of the ramen pork. You could start the night off with a little sushi and dare your friends to get out of their comfort zone.

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