The Best Ways To Enhance The Romance In Your Relationship

Having been together for over a decade, living together and having children could be taking its toll on what was once a romance filled relationship. It can be really easy to take for granted what you have around you, and no one wants to be googling how to get your ex back alone on a Saturday night. Take your mind back to when you first got together – when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other and would wine, dine and continuously surprise each other to ensure somebody else didn’t catch their eye. As time goes on it can become increasingly easier to get comfortable and lazy with the romance in your relationship. Here are some tips to reconnect with your younger self and partner, who put their all in to creating what you now have.

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Prioritise Date Night

Exhaustion and stress can really get in the way of life and taking any time to actually treat yourself or your partner. It is important to prioritise a date night as frequently as you can, even if it has become a rarity. Book a babysitter, get out the house, and pay all your attention to each other for once. Get creative with it – date night doesn’t always have to be dinner or a movie. Remember when you first got together, and you both had that spontaneous streak – you’d go rock climbing, ice skating and go-karting. Really make time to have fun together, and laugh as much as you can. As soon as you start to really enjoy some quality time together, you’ll find you don’t have to work too hard to seek out the lost romance – it will naturally flourish.

Communicate During The Day


Do you feel like you never talk or see each other anymore due to the daily 9-5 grind of work and evenings with the kids? Of course, family time is important, but making sure there is still a real connection between you and your partner is just as important. When was the last time you text them on your lunch break just to tell them how much you love them? It may sound corny, but flirting through the day and leaving little surprise messages in each other’s lunch boxes will not only make each of you   feel wanted but also make you excited to see them at the end of a long day.

Have Technology Free Evenings

How many times have you found yourself sat there on your phone scrolling mindlessly through facebook and looked over at your partner – and they’re doing exactly the same thing. You’re not communicating, just sat there in a meme induced coma waiting for the other to speak. Put the iPhone, iPad, Kindle – all technology – away for the evening, open a bottle of wine and just take time to reconnect after a busy day. Share the joke that one guy made at the office, reminisce about cute days with the children and take time to appreciate the time you have to spend together.  

Hope these tips help to fuel the dwindling romance fire and help you and your partner to find your spark again. There’s a reason why you found each other – and an even bigger reason to stay together, sometimes you just need help remembering how lucky you truly are to have each other.   

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