Tech Gifts For Teenage Boys At Christmas

Buying gifts for the kids is so simple when they’re young. They might not be interested in it for that long but they’ll be happy with most things you get them. But once they start reaching their teenage years, buying gifts at Christmas becomes an absolute nightmare. It seems like whatever you get them isn’t cool enough for them. Lots of parents give up on trying to get something that they’ll like and just give them cash or some vouchers instead, but that’s not a very thoughtful gift. There are plenty of presents out there that they’ll love, it’s just difficult to find them. You might have an idea of what you think teenage boys like, but you’re probably wrong. If you want to get it right this Christmas, here are some great ideas for gifts for teenage boys.


Games Consoles

You’ve probably spent plenty of time complaining at your son to get off their games console and go outside, so you know that they like them. Getting them a new one for Christmas is a surefire way to make sure that they’re happy. However, you need to make sure that you get the right one. The best thing to do is to ask some of their friends which ones they have. If you don’t get the same one, they won’t all be able to play together. When it comes to finding the right games to go with it, don’t try to guess at it. Go into the shop and just ask somebody that works there. They usually have a keen interest and they’ll be able to tell you which one all of the kids are after at the moment.


I think you’d struggle to find a teenage boy, or any man in general, that doesn’t want his own drone. Since they first came out, they’ve been the favorite toy of men everywhere and your son is no exception. The only problem is, they’re pretty expensive if you want a good one. Luckily, you can find used drones for sale pretty easily. The price drops massively on a second hand one and they’re usually in almost new condition. Just make sure that you check it’s all in working order and ask for a demonstration before you part with any cash.

VR Headset

The latest piece of tech that all the teenagers want is a virtual reality headset. Some of them are incredibly expensive but since they’ve become more popular, there are some cheaper ones out there that perform just as well. The ones that work with the games consoles are out of most people’s price ranges but there are some great ones that work with their mobile phones. The Google one is probably your best bet and you can get one for less than $100. Samsung also do their own cheaper one. You’ll have to check which phone they have before getting one so you can make sure it works.

All teenagers love tech so it’s a safe bet for Christmas gifts.  

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