Helping Your Child Love Nature

One way to encourage your child’s interest in nature is by going on outdoor trips.  These can range from hikes on walking trails to vacations that include camping and fishing in the woods.  Have your child help select supplies and equipment for your dog who will accompany you on your trips.  Give your child the job of caring for the dog.  Be one of the families who takes their dog along when they go on extended journeys; some bring them on skiing trips and outdoor vacations – even on exciting activities like whitewater rafting and canoeing.  Involve the kids in selecting items for your pet when preparing for your trip.  Let them find the Groupon promo codes and pick the items to order.

Bella with the waves

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Gardening with Daddy

As a child, I never really had the chance to get acquainted with any chores at home because most of our vacant time is spent in our small food business. That is why I regret not knowing how to grow a plant or having a garden at home. Even until now I find hard to even grow a simple plant.


I think Bella is growing to be my total opposite. As early as one year old, she has shown fondness in all the chores she sees at home. I think this is due to the influence of my parents who serve as Bella’s role models.


Aside from sweeping the floor or assisting Mommy in the laundry, Bella also loves to do gardening with Daddy. She usually assists Daddy in his small vegetable garden at home. Although she would be sweating all over, Bella seems to be very happy and proud whenever she could contribute in any chores at home.

I am just so proud of my little girl. She’s growing to be very smart and responsible. Thanks be to God!

Originally published in Sep 20, 2013 @ 21:09.
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3 of 100 Happy Days: Bella and the Amazing Banana

We live in a simple home and in a humble but joyful neighborhood. This has been our home for almost five years now and we are truly blessed to have a house we can call our own. The whole area is not that big but my parents who are living in the same compound managed to make the vacant portion productive by planting ornamental flowers, organic vegetables, fruit trees, herbal plants and what we called the amazing banana. I don’t know what variety it is because my father just got it from his friend in the neighborhood.

I didn’t even notice that my parents are growing this kind of banana in our backyard until it got the attention of some friends visiting the house. In fact, this banana has been one of the attractions in the house because of its extraordinary yield. It can actually grow even longer and bear fruits than the usual banana just like in Ate Claire’s home. We are all so excited to see how long and fruitful it could become until my mother decided to take away its heart one morning.

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