Surviving A Renovation With Kids At Home

You know how it goes. You work hard, you get on the ladder, you create a home you love, and then you have kids and quickly realise that you don’t have enough space. It’s a moment of realisation as common as mosquitos at a barbecue. Now, the dreamy option would be to sell your current abode for a tidy profit and move to a bigger house somewhere nearby. But we all know this idea tends to have one foot firmly lodged in dreamland.

That’s when home renovation likes to slip into your thought path. The problem is you have kids and, well, renovating a home with children seems impossible to survive. After all, a construction project like this is stressful enough without your whippersnappers being thrown into the equation as well.

That’s why we have come up with some top tips and bits of advice to help you and your family stay unsettled through a renovation project. We hope they help.

  1. Finding Somewhere Else To Live

There are so many reasons why this needs to be your first consideration. Dirty surfaces, loud noises, uninhabitable conditions, getting in the way of your contractors, not having running water or working toilets or electricity – it would be mayhem. That’s why you should consider moving out for a bit. Of course, there is plenty of options on that front. Our advice: get a mobile home. Not only will this be cheap, and not only is homeowners insurance for manufactured homes affordable, you won’t be disrupting your kids too much. They will still be at home(ish), their routines will still be the same (such as the journey to school), and you will be there should your contractors have questions. It’s a winner.

  1. Create No-Go Zones

We’re not sure if you’ve noticed but your toddlers are just about the most inquisitive creatures on the planet. They love copying everything you do and they have an unrivalled ability to get under your feet; just imagine how dangerous this will be if they do the same with your contractors. All those power tools and whatnot. Our advice: create no-go zones with red and green electrical tape. Pop it on the entrance to different rooms and around the trim and then move the tape as and when your contractors move about. This will ensure your kids know the difference between safe zones and unsafe zones, and it will also help your contractors know the rules too.

  1. Get Your Contractor’s On Board

There are a lot of concerns when it comes to having kids on a building site, but the biggest are a) the dangers and b) the language used. However, tell your tradies that there will be kids about a lot of the time and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the swearing gets cut out. You’ll also be amazed at how good they are with kids. When we did our renovation, so many of the chaps on site had kids and they loved it. They made sure their spaces were always tidy, were careful not to put things down within reach and they enjoyed having little observers to play to.

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