Stunning Gifts For Your Next Family Reunion

Thanks to modern life, we spend less time than we’d like with our extended family. And so when it comes to family reunions, we want to be armed with the best gifts possible as a kind of apology for not spending more time together.

Family Cookbook


Nothing brings families together more than food. There’s nothing like sitting around the table and chowing down on your favorite family nosh, whipped up by your mother or grandmother.

Now, though, thanks to digital technology, you can have all your favorite family recipes immortalized in a family cookbook. All you need to do is send off your recipes, along with any pictures of the food or your family eating/making it, and you’ll be sent a professional-looking cookbook in the post, complete with instructions and illustrations.

Totes With Custom Inscriptions

MK Bag

How many totes do you own? A lot. But how many are actually practical? Not all that many, probably.

The good news is that you can now buy customized totes with any message you like. Why not get the family name inscribed onto the totes to make them easy to find in public places?

Koozies For All

Nothing is worse than a cold cup of coffee in winter, or a warm can of drink in the summer. But koozies offer a solution. Koozies wrap around your drink, insulating it from your surroundings, keeping it at the perfect temperature. You could get beer koozies for your brother, Red Bull koozies for your nephews and coffee koozies for your aunt. In fact, there’s pretty much a koozie out there for everyone.

Domestic Plants

indoor plant

Giving flowers to family members after you haven’t seen them for a long time is traditional. But the problem with flowers is that after a week or so, they start to wilt and die. Domestic plants, on the other hand, can grow indoors and will last for years, serving as a reminder of your most recent visit. Native plants are particularly popular and can be used to commemorate certain holidays.

Art Prints

Sourcing quality art isn’t easy. But today, there are plenty of websites online which help guide lay people to find good quality art people actually appreciate. Many of these online art dealers are essentially platforms: agencies which connect today’s top artists with customers. Through these agencies, you’re able to source art of a certain, minimum quality.

A Framed Family Tree

Keeping track of who is related to whom can be difficult. You and your second cousin, three times removed might be related, but sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how. A framed family tree, however, can help bring order to relational chaos. With it, your family can see how they are each related by bloodline without any awkward stares or shoulder shrugging.


Everybody loves jam, especially grandparents. Gift jams today come in myriad varieties and make use of rare and exotic fruits which probably wouldn’t usually pass their lips. Elderflower and lychee, rhubarb and strawberry: the list of potential artisan jams are endless and endlessly delicious.

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