Sprucing Up Your Home’s Exterior on a Shoestring

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If you’ve spent a lot of time and money making the inside of your house look fabulous, but you’ve neglected to give the outside of your home the same level of TLC, it could be letting you down, especially if you plan to sell your home in the future.

Your home’s exterior is obviously a lot more visible than the rest of your property, so it makes sense to spend some time sprucing it up. Here are some low-cost ways of doing just that:

Clean Up the Garden

First of all, if your garden isn’t exactly in the best state, cleaning it up should be a priority. A messy garden implies a messy household, even if that isn’t the case, so at the very least, take the time to clear out any junk, pull up any weeds, prune brambles branches and mow the lawn. Once that’s done, if you want to plant a few flowers to pretty the place up, that would be even better.

Give Your Front Door a New Lease of Life

If the paint on your front door is chipped, the handle rusted and the whole thing covered in moss, it isn’t exactly going to give your home an inviting vibe. Luckily, all it takes is a lick of paint and some nice architectural ironmongery, like an impressive brass door knocker and a shiny new handle, to make the front door look inviting again. They’re more affordable than you might think too.

Give it a Shower

Yes, sometimes you home needs a good shower to get rid of the gunk and dirt that’s built up too. If your gutters are full of dead leaves, your roof full of moss and your walls discolored with dirt, it’s time to hose it all down with a power washer. Just remember to close the windows first, or it’ll be the inside of your home that needs to be cleaned!

Refinish the Path

If you have a path leading up to your house, or a drive out front, and it’s cracked and dirty, having it refinished could make a huge difference. This doesn’t have to be too expensive if you use reclaimed materials or gravel. If even that;’s out of your budget, just giving the path a once-over with a power washer will make a difference.

Give it a Facelift

Perhaps, the thing that will make the most different to your home’s exterior, improving it by a country mile, is giving it a new lick of paint. There’s nothing like a new colour to really boost your home. Just make sure that the colour you choose is not too out-there compared to the neighbours, so that it doesn’t stand out for all the wrong reasons, or even worse, make the neighbours mad.

Add Some Accessories

Making your home’s exterior look, a lot better can be achieved by adding just a few little touches. Hanging baskets filled with colourful and fragrant flowers, hurricane lamps, an antique porch chair  – they will all add an extra something to your home’s interior, making it look more beautiful and more inviting.

Can you think of anything else that would spruce up your home’s exterior?

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