Reasons You DON’T Need A Wedding Theme

Congratulations on your engagement! You’ve come across this post because you’ve just come down from the euphoria of your proposal, only to realise the absolutely mammoth task that you now have in front of you: planning your wedding! There’s a huge business involved with planning a wedding, and some couples like to take their time with the overall planning of the day. Sometimes, people love to set a date for a couple of years ahead in the future. You need to think about the date, the season, the décor, the dress and the theme.

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There are some brides that love to have a themed wedding. This can be anything down to a particular colour scheme featuring a metallic colour paired with something more muted, to the wackiest theme of Disney or even underwater! There’s a huge difference in the planning that goes into a wedding featuring life-like cut-outs of Star Wars characters, in comparison with a colourful wedding that feature silver wedding invitations. The good news? You do not have to go with a theme. If you want a simple, classic wedding without the gimmicks of footballs, fairies and fantasy stories, you can have one. It’s the case sometimes that the backlash of not having a particular theme comes from your family and friends, but you know what? It’s not their wedding. It isn’t for anyone else to have an opinion on as to whether you have a theme or not.

Your wedding doesn’t have to have a theme imposed upon it if you don’t want one. Sometimes a theme has the impact of limiting how amazing a wedding can be, especially if you are limited to a certain fantasy or colour. So, when people ask what theme you are having, what answers could you give as why you don’t want one? We have put together several reasons you could give for not wanting a theme for your wedding day, so have a look and pick the one that works for you.

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You can have a much more personal day without a theme.

It’s not something that people really consider, but if you are having a wedding day with a theme, the focus is on the theme and not you and your groom. A theme tends to make your wedding day about the theme and not about the ceremony taking place or the people attending. You can also seriously limit the things that the guests chat about if they can only focus on the giant Star Wars characters in the background!

You can include everything you like without restriction.

Being tied down by a single theme means that you are going to have a day full of limits. If you are a lover of Harry Potter and your spouse is a fan of Disney, then you’re going to run into headaches as you won’t be able to agree on the theme that you should have. Instead of tying your day into one theme, why not have a day accented by lots of different themes. Disney is known for its blue and silver logo, so you could have a silver ‘Patronus’ cake topper with blue ribbons around the chairs. Blending two theme ideas could make for a beautiful day, and you get to have a day filled with the things you love.

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Planning is easier.

The biggest and hardest part of a wedding day? Planning all the wedding pieces so that they come together and look amazing. With a theme, you have to coordinate different foods, colours and décor pertaining to that theme. Instead, you get to pick out things that you think are beautiful and put them together in a way that suits you without having to constantly refer to the fantasy theme you are now regretting. You can be as abstract as you like when you don’t have something rigid to stick to, which makes for much smoother planning.

Uniformity doesn’t matter as much.

If you’ve never been to a theme wedding, then you’d find it really difficult to understand how much something unrelated to the chosen theme can stick out like a sore thumb. Imagine having a fairy theme, and then having bog-standard table décor. People will notice, and while we shouldn’t be basing our weddings on the opinions of other people, it’s an inevitability that you would want your guests to have a wonderful time. Going theme-less gives you a chance to throw together the things you like, rather than have to deal with playing matchmaker to different aspects of the wedding.

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Guests can feel at ease.

Themed weddings can really bring about a headache for guests who don’t know what is correct etiquette with their outfits. No one wants to dress up like a character for a wedding, they just don’t. There are weddings out there that are themed and ask the guests to dress according to the theme, but it can be an uncomfortable experience. It’s a wedding: not a party on the town for Halloween. Not to mention, not everyone is going to have the budget for a costume for a wedding, when they are already paying to attend the wedding itself in the first place. People can be far more relaxed without the pressure of a theme to conform to.

Money, money, money.

Weddings cost a lot of money. You know when you go to the supermarket and the branded goods are more expensive than the store version? That’s the same thing with themed weddings. Hiring a photo booth is expensive, but hiring a photo booth that is in the shape of a Tardis is exceptionally more! By avoiding a theme, you can have a wedding checklist that is far easier to manage as well as a budget that is far less than you had envisioned. There’s no need for fandom-related items when you can throw a straightforwardly classy wedding, instead.

Your wedding day has to match your tastes and no one else, so go for what you want and don’t feel any guilt or regret for it.

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