Party Ideas for the Holidays

You’ve sent the invites. People are clearing their schedules. Now what? Here are five tricks to throwing a flawless event without sacrificing your sanity.

1: Make A Timeline

As soon as you have a concrete date for the big day, make a thorough, detail-oriented timeline with target dates for major tasks. For example, the venue might need to be booked by the 3rd or the catering should be ordered by the 12th.

2: Have Sub-Budgets

Instead of looking at a lump sum and saying “that’s my budget for the entire event,” break the money down into categories for food, music, entertainment, et cetera. This will help you distribute your funds equally and not go overboard in any one arena.

3: Decorate In Your Head

Shop now for your intended decorations even if you don’t need to order them for awhile. By creating a vision of your ideal party, you’ll have a ready template when it comes time to actually hang the streamers and lanterns.

4: Create A Binder

Cut down on the chaos by carrying around a planning binder. Use it to store business information and draw seating charts; tuck phone numbers, checklists and vendor leaflets in its pockets. Let it become your bible for the big event, because you’ll definitely need one!

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