Parents: Is Your Home Causing Harm To Your Children’s Health?

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We all worry about the health of our children and try to create a safe and healthy environment for them to thrive. But did you know that the biggest impacts on your kid’s health are often found in the home?

According to statistics, well over 2 million children are injured in the home every year, and there is a lot of evidence that suggests that there are many things we keep in our home that can actually cause illness.

With this in mind, we’re going to take a look at some of the most common health hazards in the home, and how you can make sure your child isn’t suffering from illness or injury. Let’s get started right away.

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The fridge

Be honest – how often do you clean out your fridge and freezer? It’s one of those things that every parent knows they have to do, but few ever find the time between juggling childcare, work, and other more obvious household tasks. But you leave your fridge to get dirty at your peril. Unfortunately, a dirty fridge contains more bacteria and nasty microbes than your toilet – which we all tend to keep as clean as a whistle. Aim to clean your fridge every couple of weeks, making sure you get into all the corners if you want your kids to avoid nasty bugs and illnesses.

Allergies from bedding and carpets

House dust mites are the primary culprit for triggering allergic reactions, and they can start infesting everything from your mattresses to your duvets. Your carpets could also be an issue – they can pick up lots of allergens over time. According to the Carpet One website, tiles and wooden flooring is probably your best bet if your kids have allergies, but it is possible to pick up allergy-free carpets, too. Watch out for cases of damp in the home, too, which can cause mould spores that your children can breathe in.

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Cupboards, wardrobes, and shelving units

As your child grows from baby to toddler, they have a natural inclination to explore anything and anywhere. And that could involve opening drawers they shouldn’t, climbing up bookcases, and even crawling into wardrobes. While a trip to Narnia is probably not going to happen, your child’s exploration of wardrobes and other furniture can still be incredibly dangerous, nonetheless. Make sure that your units are well attached to the wall, and invest in a few drawer stops to prevent little fingers getting crushed as they close.

Electrical equipment

You probably don’t need reminding how dangerous electricity can be. But many parents forget just how easy it is for their children to poke around in the wrong places – little fingers can easily access wall sockets, light fittings, and much more besides. It is essential that you know exactly where all your dangerous electrical equipment is, and that you keep it out of the way. Also, invest in some socket covers to ensure that your child isn’t tempted to put their fingers in the holes.

OK, so there you have it – some simple tips to ensure your home is as healthy and safe as possible. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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