Unleashing Your Inner Mumpreneur: Some Ideas To Get You Started

I love being at home with my little one and enjoying life as a wife and mum, but some mothers out there like to try their hand at starting businesses from home while looking after the kiddos. Flexibility in the workplace is quite rare at the moment, and while hopefully a more flexible working environment will be available to all parents in the future, right now some mums find it difficult to head back to work after having a baby. But yet, feel like they would like to do something to enable them to strike that great balance between earning an income and being a homemaker. This is where the new generation of the mumpreneurs have come to life and there is no better time for women to begin their working lives from home by either going freelance or creating their own business. I wanted to share with you some ideas that could ignite some inspiration to get you started yourself.

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Keeping Your Smartphone Up to Scratch!

Long gone are the days of the landline. Just a couple of decades ago, many of us would have accepted the majority of our calls on our landline telephones. This made sense at the time. We would generally have free calls to other landlines and texting was generally still on a pay per text basis, so a big bill could mount up relatively quickly. However, nowadays, the majority of us are on mobile contracts which have free calls and texts to individuals on pretty much every major network. The messaging apps, video call features available on smartphones, and ability to send messages worldwide in split seconds also mean that the major cost of long distance calling is something we can easily avoid. In short, the smartphone now reigns supreme! But with so many features and benefits, it’s important that you keep yours up to scratch. Here are a things that you can do to keep it working, updated, and in good condition at all times. Read the rest of this entry »

Making A Little Extra Income From Your Passion For Blogging

If you’ve been blogging for a while now; it’s probably because you love what you’re writing about, and have the passion to continue your blog in the future. There may come a point where you have built up a dedicated audience for your blog and social media platforms, and the numbers seem to continue to grow. If you feel that brands and companies are approaching you with enough potential projects and opportunities regarding your blog; it might be time to start thinking about taking it on as an extra bit of income. Running a successful blog requires plenty of hard work and dedication; however, you’ve already put plenty of those into your work, so it won’t be a shock when you transition into working for yourself.

There are an array of positive elements to doing extra work from home and for creating your own small business. There is plenty of flexibility with blogging, so you can sit with your laptop after getting home from work or picking up the kids. You can also head out to some of your favourite spaces to work from a laptop or tablet over the weekend and in your free time. However, you’ll need to motivate yourself each day and be prepared to work even if you’re tired, if you’ve agreed to a deadline with a brand. You’ll can be savvy regarding your extra income, and savings for the future; treat your side hustle like a nest egg for any future ideas or projects The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for busy bloggers who want to take their favorite pastime and make some extra money for themselves and their family.

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