Making A Little Extra Income From Your Passion For Blogging

If you’ve been blogging for a while now; it’s probably because you love what you’re writing about, and have the passion to continue your blog in the future. There may come a point where you have built up a dedicated audience for your blog and social media platforms, and the numbers seem to continue to grow. If you feel that brands and companies are approaching you with enough potential projects and opportunities regarding your blog; it might be time to start thinking about taking it on as an extra bit of income. Running a successful blog requires plenty of hard work and dedication; however, you’ve already put plenty of those into your work, so it won’t be a shock when you transition into working for yourself.

There are an array of positive elements to doing extra work from home and for creating your own small business. There is plenty of flexibility with blogging, so you can sit with your laptop after getting home from work or picking up the kids. You can also head out to some of your favourite spaces to work from a laptop or tablet over the weekend and in your free time. However, you’ll need to motivate yourself each day and be prepared to work even if you’re tired, if you’ve agreed to a deadline with a brand. You’ll can be savvy regarding your extra income, and savings for the future; treat your side hustle like a nest egg for any future ideas or projects The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for busy bloggers who want to take their favorite pastime and make some extra money for themselves and their family.

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Expand Your Living Space With an Attic Conversion

You may have thought your current home had plenty of living space when you bought it, but your growing family is now feeling cramped and needs more room. This is a situation that happens to many people, but there are only a couple ways to solve the dilemma. Perhaps the easiest way for your growing family to gain the extra room needed is to list your home for sale and search for one with more square footage and more bedrooms. However, in the current real estate market selling and buying can be an uncertain endeavor. You may also be reluctant to leave your current neighborhood and the home you are familiar with.

Considering the disadvantages of selling your current home and searching for one that will better meet your needs, you may want to consider finding additional living space in your current home. Some of your options include building an addition, finishing your basement or converting your attic to add a room or two. Attic conversions are a popular choice of homeowners if there is unused space in the second or third floor of their home. Read the rest of this entry »

Surviving A Renovation With Kids At Home

You know how it goes. You work hard, you get on the ladder, you create a home you love, and then you have kids and quickly realise that you don’t have enough space. It’s a moment of realisation as common as mosquitos at a barbecue. Now, the dreamy option would be to sell your current abode for a tidy profit and move to a bigger house somewhere nearby. But we all know this idea tends to have one foot firmly lodged in dreamland. Read the rest of this entry »