Our Little Model

It is always a delight for all parents to see that their kids are growing normally and beautifully every single day. Some few weeks ago, I have blogged about Bella being a little model. Hubby and I actually didn’t notice that our little model wants to be in front of the camera always. At her age of almost 20 months old, Bella has already demonstrated a lot of amazing things.

Every now and then, our little model would actually demand for a photo opp. She would personally look for the camera and grab it when she had the chance. Right after every shot, she would run to the camera and see how she looks on the picture and give a loud laugh while covering her face. 🙂

By the way, here are some of the pictures  from our little model’s latest pictorial courtesy of her ever supportive Tatay Bren.

Bella: The Little Model
What can you say about our little model? I am just so excited to see more of Bella’s amazing talents. Keep it up girl. 🙂

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