Never Pay for Overpriced Tech Again With These Shopping Secrets

So you want to buy a new phone, get a tablet or replace your old and worn laptop? The most common place you’d go to is a local technology store or your carrier that specialises in the equipment you want, but did you know that you’re getting a terrible deal?

Sadly, most people know that going to a retail store is going to cost them a lot of extra money when buying something, but there’s a good chance that they can’t do anything about it because they’re either locked into a contract with a carrier or they simply don’t understand all the jargon. Hard drive space, processor speed, screen size and all those extra features can end up costing consumers a huge chunk of money, which is why it’s important to understand how to shop for tech if you want to avoid overpriced stores.

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Buy used or refurbished

There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying used cell phones, tablets, laptops or electronics in general. In fact, buying something used or refurbished is usually better than buying something new for the following reasons:

  • Reliability – If something has been used for 5 years by someone and they’re passing it on, there’s a good chance that the item is in good working condition. Electronic devices these days don’t have many moving parts and they have incredibly long lifespans. Refurbished is even better because it signifies that old parts that were broken/worn-out have been replaced and upgraded.
  • Cost – Buying used or refurbished is fantastic if you plan to get your child their first phone or laptop. They can learn with the hardware, get used to all of the features and once they’re ready to buy something new, they can upgrade to something better. Used devices typically go for anywhere between 30-70% of their retail value depending on the condition and how old the item is. You can make some incredible savings on used and refurbished items, so don’t neglect this possibility!
  • Less Commitment – If you’re going to get a new device, then you may need to finance it over a period of a year or two especially if it’s a phone. When buying pre-owned or refurbished, it’s a single low-cost payment for the device with no commitment necessary.

Buying products overseas

One of the biggest advantages to buying your products overseas is the drastically reduced cost and lack of bloat. For instance, a phone by a Chinese brand such as OnePlus, Xiaomi or Huawei won’t contain features like heart rate sensors and curved screens, but they do fantastic battery life, bright screens and plenty of horsepower under the hood. This makes overseas countries some of the best places to look for deals.

If you want to save money on tech, then the best option is to either buy refurbished, used or brave the overseas market and import something. Don’t buy your tech based on just brands, do a bit of research and look at the specs you are paying for and make your decision based on that, not popularity.

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