Listen To Their Heart: The Best Gifts For Music Lovers

If the thought that you have to buy a whole raft of gifts for friends and family for the festive season is starting to make you sweat a little, the following post could be just what you are looking for. After all, who doesn’t love music of some type, whether it’s punk or classic, or even sometimes both? That means music related gifts are often a safe bet, as you know they will be truly appreciated. With this in mind read up on the best gifts you can get related to musical appreciation, below.



One of the best gifts you can possibly buy for someone that love music is a great pair of headphones. These come in two types cans and earbuds. Cans are the larger sort that fit entirely over the ear. They are seen as quite the fashion statement, especially with many American rappers using the Beats By Dre brand, but can be easy to get wrong because of this.

Earbuds, on the other hand, are small earphones that fit inside of the ear. These are often cheaper to purchase, as demonstrated by this post on the best earbuds under 30 while still, have great sound quality. Something that means true music aficionados will still enjoy using them. The advantages of ears buds are that they are a lot more portable as well, as they can be wrapped up and stored very easily, This makes them good for traveling and commuting. Cans, on the other hand, have to be worn on the head or when not in use around the neck. Something that stops them getting damaged on the move, but makes them more cumbersome for traveling.


Earbuds area great choice for a gift as they have high sound quality and are portable.

Home Hubs

Another excellent choice for any music lover is one of the home hubs that are now available. These hubs like Google Home and Amazon Echo can fulfil a range of functions when linked to your smart devices. These include controlling the lights and temperature level in your home and searching the web. You can even ask them what the weather is doing outside before you leave the house, and you can make purchases with voice control from online providers.

They can also be connected to your music collection or music subscription service. This means you can control your favorite playlists with nothing but voice commands. Something that any true music aficionado will be delighted with.

Record Player


Last, of all, another great choice for the music lover in your life is the record player. After all, everyone knows that tunes sound better on Vinyl right?

Luckily, many companies have cottoned onto this trend, and there are a range of suitcase style record players available for a reasonable price.

record suitcase

The advantage of these is that you can move them around easily for a party if the owner is living in university accommodation, or just for convenience in your own home. Most have some seriously cool retro styling as well, meaning that buying them as a gift will score you some major kudos with even the most hip of recipients! 

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