Last Minute Gifts He’ll Be Absolutely Chuffed With


It doesn’t matter how much you know your man, they are always the hardest person to buy for. Always. It is so infuriating. They are you are, wanting to show them how much you adore them through the medium of gentle consumerism, and all you seem to be doing is banging your head against the wall. Father’s Day, birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, it doesn’t matter. But why is it so hard? Because either they everything they could possibly want, buy the things they like or have a really eclectic taste that is like trying to decipher the Enigma Code.

What this means is, you’ve spent three weeks on the hunt for something perfect only to be rushed for time, scrambling to find a last-minute gift that they will actually want.

Well, to help you use these final seconds to their absolute maximum, we have come up with a list of foolproof gifts that your partner will absolutely love. They may even praise you like never before, believing you must have been thinking about this for a really long time (which, in a roundabout way, you have been).

Set Of New Tumblers

Nothing makes a man feel more like a man than a set of crystal cut tumblers from which to sip on their whiskey. Of course, most glasses are just glasses, and that means they lack a certain je ne sais quoi, which is why you need to get him a set of glasses that have maps of his favorite places etched into the glass. Now that is classy.

Lotions And Potions

Get a girl a set of something smelly for the bathroom and they are going to be over the moon, knowing that their bathroom soak sessions are going to be like a seventh heaven. Getting your man a set of soaps, however, isn’t going to unleash a quizzical expression. Unless you get him a beer soap that is. You could even make it yourself if you really want to show that you care, which isn’t as hard as it seems.

Grooming Gadgets

The great thing about going down the grooming route is this: all guys want and need shaving gadgets but none of them want to spend their own money on them. They just aren’t up there in terms of priority items. Your best bet is to head to a site like Manly Matters and see exactly what is out there and what they are suggesting in terms of beard trimmers, electric razors and whatever else you’re contemplating.

Barbecue Bits

Men love to cook. They do. Seriously. And more and more men are taking over that role in the house. But the one place they can really be themselves is the garden, barbecuing, which is exactly why you should get them anything to do with the grill. It could be new utensils, or a Himalayan salt plank, or one of those silicone mat things that mean you can cook absolutely anything on a barbecue, including eggs and stuff.

Bluetooth Speaker

We don’t know what it is, but when a guy so much as hears the words ‘surround sound’ muttered in his local vicinity, something makes his belly twinge with excitement. It is a scientific fact. It also poses a wonderful solution when you can hear that clock ticking away.

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