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It is often said that the kitchen is the most important room in the house. This is a sentiment that is pretty difficult to argue with. The kitchen is not only where you cook and eat, but it’s also where a family tends to gather. While this is lovely in its way, this habit does have a downside — the kitchen tends to be the room in the house that suffers the most wear and tear. The room’s constant usage is a blow to the longevity of the decor, meaning it’s probably the area you have to update and renovate the most.

Of course, all of these changes tend to cost money — quite a lot of money, in fact. The kitchen isn’t just the most important room in the house; it’s also the most expensive. The appliances alone cost a fortune, then you have to factor in the money required to constantly update the expensive countertops, surfaces, cabinets, and the hard-working flooring.

If your kitchen is looking a little tired but your renovation budget is looking bare, then don’t fret: You still have options to improve the way the most important room looks. Below is an exploration of the magic that a kitchen makeover can create — hopefully, you will find at least a couple of ideas that you can’t wait to try out. Before we dive on in, though, a few common questions regarding kitchen makeovers…

Why Not Just Install A New Kitchen?

The main reason is a simple question of expense. An entire kitchen renovation will cost a fortune, which isn’t exactly helpful if you need to change things up on a regular basis. If you prefer to do a full renovation, then go for it. However, a makeover can keep your kitchen looking good without a huge amount of required costs.

Doesn’t A Makeover Cost A Lot Of Money As Well?

Not necessarily. With a makeover, you can be more selective and do jobs piece by piece. This allows you to arrange your budget, and when you spend it, in the most financially sensible order for your income. Done well, a makeover should save you a substantial amount of money when compared to a renovation.

What Are The Most Effective Choices During A Kitchen Makeover?

Read on to find out…

FLOORS: Deep Clean For Extra Shine


Admittedly, the idea of deep cleaning your kitchen probably isn’t one you’re going to relish — but you’ll be surprised to see just how effective it can be at making the kitchen feel like new. Of course, most of us clean our kitchen on a daily basis, so what is different about a deep clean?

As the term suggests, the first difference is one of thoroughness. A deep clean doesn’t just clean the surfaces; it moves cabinets, shifts appliances, and does its best to return every area and surface to good-as-new condition. This level of focus is likely to take you at least a day, but the results can ensure your kitchen looks better than it has for years.

Of course, you always have the option of a professional cleaner for this task. This is a relatively inexpensive way of making the room shine and feel fresh, without you having to spend an entire day to achieve it. This may sound like a profligate choice when you can clean yourself, but the simple truth is that professional cleaners are extremely good at what they do — so the results should be even more enjoyable.

CABINETS: A Change Is As Good As New

The cabinets are a focal point in the kitchen. They dominate a huge amount of the space at both eye and ground level. They also have to put up with a lot of abuse; constantly being opened and closed by everyone in your household. It’s no wonder that they can begin to show their wear after only a few years.

Of course, outright replacing the cabinets would likely be an expensive endeavor — and certainly not one that your budget can stretch to every couple of years. Thankfully, there is a solution; rather than replacing the entire cabinet, just paint the doors. Such a measure can instantly brighten the entire room and ensure that your other decor looks better by reflection.

Painting a kitchen cabinet is no easy task, however. It’s best to investigate the likes of N-Hance cabinet painting and take professional advice due to the complexities of the job. It’s important to get cabinet painting right, because — as mentioned — cabinets are nearly constantly in use. If you do a poor job, then you could make things look even worse, and perhaps even necessitate the need of a full replacement. Don’t dive into a change this substantial without doing thorough research and preparation first.

With the doom and gloom warning out of the way, let’s focus on something nicer: a change of hardware. If you’re going to be painting the cabinets, then you might as well install new handles — you’ll have to remove the handles to paint anyway. Opt for a brushed silver metal for a more contemporary look, or old-fashioned brass if you prefer a “cottage kitchen” style.

LIGHTING: The More The Better

lighted kitchen


As the above image shows, spotlighted kitchen lighting can bring a new flourish to the room. Ideally, you should place spotlights beneath cabinets. This allows them to shine onto the countertop, which will then bounce light around the room — it’s not a dissimilar effect to the one achieved by placing a mirror near a window to catch sunlight, albeit an artificial version!

Spotlights beneath cupboards isn’t the only kitchen lighting change that you should opt for. Often kitchen lighting can be very bright and clinical; useful for when you’re chopping food, but not as suitable for when you’re eating or just chatting. As well as the ceiling light, opt for a lower-level desk lamp or even a kitschy neon wall light. These additions not only improve the lighting in the room, but also the ambiance.

.ARTWORK: Oft-Neglected, But Essential

There’s no doubt that the right artwork can make a huge difference to a kitchen — so it’s a wonder why so many people ignore this area! Just because the kitchen is a functional room doesn’t mean you can’t use artwork to brighten it up. Add a few framed prints or even a wall sticker — you’ll be surprised by just how effective this is at making the room look fresh and interesting.

The one thing you do have to be careful of with artwork is how durable it is. A kitchen often gets filled with steam and vapor from the cooking process; it’s also likely to be one of the warmest rooms in the house. You’ll notice in the above paragraph there was a mention of framed prints — this is particularly important to note. If you try and use a simple canvas painting without a frame, then it will spoil easily and soon need to be replaced. Instead, place all of your artwork behind a glass frame. This might be more expensive, but it will repay you in being more durable and lasting for as long as you want it to be there.

Finally, a clock is an essential for kitchen decor. If you truly want to transform the room, then choose a large clock that can dominate a wall. This is effortlessly stylish, easy to maintain, and can bring a new focal point to the room.

DINING: Spruce Up and Style

brick wall


It is far more common for people to have their dining table in the kitchen rather than a separate room, and it’s easy to see why. It makes it simpler to juggle multiple courses, as well as ensuring food can be served piping hot without any delays. The kitchen table is the main area in your house where family members will congregate, sharing a meal together as the day is discussed and picked over.

Therefore, paying attention to your kitchen table is fairly essential. However, kitchen tables can be hugely expensive, so a full replacement might be out of your budget. So what are your options if you’re going to improve the dining experience?

The best option is to re-cover all of the kitchen chairs in a new, thicker foam. This will make the seats more comfortable, as well as keep them looking new and fresh. You can do this for yourself, or contact an upholsterer — the latter may sound expensive, but it will likely work out cheaper than buying an entirely new set of chairs. As for the table itself, a good wood stain can bring new life to even the most chipped and scratched of tables. Invest in a few new tablecloths and a new centerpiece — candles are always well-appreciated — and you will have an entirely new dining experience, for relatively little financial spend.

In Conclusion

By making small changes to your kitchen, you will experience huge benefits to the room as a whole. With the above steps, the most important room in the house can also be the most dazzling. Enjoy your kitchen makeover!

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