Keeping Your Smartphone Up to Scratch!

Long gone are the days of the landline. Just a couple of decades ago, many of us would have accepted the majority of our calls on our landline telephones. This made sense at the time. We would generally have free calls to other landlines and texting was generally still on a pay per text basis, so a big bill could mount up relatively quickly. However, nowadays, the majority of us are on mobile contracts which have free calls and texts to individuals on pretty much every major network. The messaging apps, video call features available on smartphones, and ability to send messages worldwide in split seconds also mean that the major cost of long distance calling is something we can easily avoid. In short, the smartphone now reigns supreme! But with so many features and benefits, it’s important that you keep yours up to scratch. Here are a things that you can do to keep it working, updated, and in good condition at all times.


If you have a smartphone, you should have a reliable repairs company such as Fruit Fixed at hand in case of minor problems that need to be resolved. One flaw of almost any smartphone is likely to be its fragility. The larger screens that we desire come hand in hand with a larger surface area to scratch, crack or completely break. This is perhaps why screen issues are the most common need for phone repairs! However, there are so many other things that can go wrong that you need to bear in mind. From jammed buttons to battery replacement, repairs to the power port, or replaced home buttons. Keep an eye on potential problems and visit a specialist sooner rather than later. They’ll prove much easier and cheaper to fix in the early stages of the phone’s deterioration than when the phone is no longer usable.


Phone cases can be a quirky and attractive addition to the appearance of our smartphones. But this shouldn’t be your main focus when choosing one or another. Avoid distractions and remember the main purpose of a case: protection. Many pretty cases offer little more than aesthetic, and your phone is just as likely to break when dropped with one on as they would be when dropped with no protection at all. The level of protection that you require will largely depend on you as an individual, your habits, what kind of environment you are frequently in, and the degree of wear and tear that your phone is likely to go through on a daily basis. If you don’t often take your phone out of the house and rarely drop it onto carpeted areas, you should be pretty safe with a case that can only take a low impact. However, if you’re into extreme sport and are in environments with changing temperature and your phone has a high chance of exposure to water or being dropped from a height, you’re going to need something a little more robust. Take a look at some of the best phone cases available here.


Every smartphone owner should have a comprehensive insurance plan. Even if you manage to land a good deal on your contract, you’re likely to still be forking out a fair amount for your device every month. Insurance may just seem like a further expense that could easily be avoided, but it’s more than worth its while. While standard phone repairs may be cheap, more major damage could prove unaffordable. Even worse, you could completely lose your phone. If this is to happen, your contract doesn’t become null. You’ll still have to pay out monthly for a phone that you don’t even have any more! Insurance can prevent this issue. A good policy will provide you with a cover that will ensure that repairs are carried out, or your phone is replaced in as little time as possible. Many stores that sell phones will offer their own insurance and will try to sell this to you before you leave with your new device. But it’s important that you are absolutely sure that you’re getting the best deal for your money. If possible, take a look at what’s on the market before heading out to purchase a new phone or sign up to a contract. This way you know what’s out there before signing up and can request price matches. So, what should you look for in an insurance contract? Well, first, full cover. You don’t want to make a claim only to find that you’re not covered once it’s too late. Next, keep an eye out for a low excess. This means that you won’t have to pay as much to get the repairs or replacement that you need. Finally, check turnover times. Many companies will offer next day pick-up of broken devices or next-day replacement devices.

Software Updates

We’re all guilty of ignoring prompts for software updates. Time and time again we will close the notification or request to be reminded later over and over. But software updates are there for a reason and are actually pretty important! Generally, software is updated for the sake of security, not just for the fun of it. There are flaws in any software system, and the longer the system stays the same, the more simple people with bad intentions will find it to spot flaws and holes which can allow them access to your phone, how it functions, and even the important and private information that it holds. For this purpose, all major phone producers actually have employees whose role is to attempt to hack their systems. As soon as problems or weaknesses are found, they are fixed, and you are prompted to update your entire system with new software that is just a little more secure. Another reason to update your software is to benefit from the ongoing updates and additional features that developers are constantly making to their apps. In short, updating as frequently as possible will give you the best experience with your phone, so why ignore the prompts?

Remember that your phone is a big investment, and a large amount of your income is going to go into paying its bill. So make sure that it is protected and kept as functional as possible at all times!

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