Keeping Your Home Stylish and Child-Friendly All at Once

We all know that once we welcome our little bundle of joy into the world, our homes will never quite be the same again in many ways. Say goodbye to silent hallways and say hello to the pitter patter of tiny feet across your floors. Something else that needs to change? You have to make sure that absolutely every aspect of your interior is safe and child-friendly. Kids will manage to work their way into near enough anything, climb any surface and will even try to put their fingers into sockets if given a chance. Many people will think that this means they need to compromise on style to keep things soft and comfortable for their child. But this isn’t true. Given, certain children’s accessories are never going to be the peak fashion items of the season, but they are necessary. Baby stair gates are a good example. However, you don’t have to completely forgo the stylish aspects of your home. You just need to be a little savvy with the organisation and your planning.

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Window Coverings

Shutter blinds and roll down blinds are the general go-to when it comes to covering your windows and blocking out light in the mornings. But once you have little ones, you might like to think twice before opting for these. Children can become easily tangled and within the cords and this can prove dangerous, if not fatal. If you already have blinds fitted and don’t have the means to replace them, cut the cords short, so little ones can’t reach them. If you can change them, make sure that you do. Opt for curtains instead. Don’t see them as a compromise. See them as a welcome addition to your interiors. Floor length curtains made of thick, heavy, soft fabrics add a touch of class and elegance to any room.


If you’re interested in art and have a collection on the go already, make sure that it is well out of your children’s reach and, if possible, eyesight. Sometimes they will attempt to climb to reach beautiful objects and this will just result in broken, precious vases and vintage, decorative tea plates. You don’t have to give up your stunning art glass bowls or confine them to the back of cupboards. Just place them securely on a high shelf or worktop. If you have hung wall art, keep it away from areas where your children will be eating. We all know how frustrating it is when food is flung up the walls. But the situation could be worse: it could be smeared up your finest painting.

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Be sensible with your choice of flooring. Cream and white carpets may look dazzling when they’re first fitted, but after a dousing of blackcurrant juice and maybe a little sick or trampled mud, they will begin to look a mess. Opt for darker shades and coarser carpets, which will look fashionable but will disguise marks and stains more effectively. Alternatively, opt for wooden flooring. This is especially beneficial in areas where children eat. Getting food from a fork to a mouth takes a little practice, and there are bound to be a few drips and spills as they learn to feed themselves properly.

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