Keeping Your Children Safe On The Web

Children are using technology from such young ages nowadays. You’ll be surprised at how young they are before they’ve got a phone in their hand, or watching a movie on the Ipad. It is up for debate as to whether this is good or not. The old schools of of you out there will be shouting definitely not, but the newer generation believe children should be brought up with it. Whatever your view point is, they’re going to start using technology quicker than you realise, and when they do you need to make sure they’re being safe on the web. So we’ve put together a few ways in which you can ensure their safety is high on the internet.

What Do They Use?

The technology they use often plays a big part in how safe they are on the internet. Fortunately for you, there are now safety features on most phones and laptops etc. that you can enable that will filter out a lot of the content that you don’t want them to see. But when it comes to social media and other sorts, it won’t be filtered out, and they will be able to get on them. But this is where they’re most vulnerable. Younger children will often accept as many friend requests as possible to try and get their number of friends up. They do have to put their age in when signing up, but they are clever enough to set the age higher to allow them in. If you know they’re using social media, try and monitor what they’re going on there. If they’re on a laptop, there’s measure you can put in place to make sure they are just that extra little bit safe. Take a webcam mirror for example. It’ll help block out anyone from seeing them. There is always controversy around whether our cameras can be controlled by hackers, so it might be best to get yourself one of these. With the phones, you can make sure you only get a phone that allows texts and calls. That way you can turn the wifi off to their phone, usually using the app your broadband provider gives you. It allows more safety and control.

What Do They Go On?

What they go on plays a big part in how active they actually are with technology. With things such as phones, it is best not to give them one until they get into high school. This is the time where they’ll be walking to school on their own or with friends, so it’s best to allow them to have one for safety reasons. As for other items like an Ipad, it is up to you discretion when you allow them to use one. A lot of parents like to let them watch films before bed to get them nice and sleepy etc. Again, it is best to wait until they’re a little older to make sure they’re enjoying the real aspects of a childhood such as playing outside etc.

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