Is Your Family Home Actually Dangerous?

It’s scary to think that the place we spend most of our time in could actually be having a negative effect on our families health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, it is often the case. Luckily, there are some things you can do about this if you know what to look out for. Something you can find out by just reading on.


While those of us with homes that have electricity usually think ourselves among the lucky an most privileged people in the world, it can also pose a danger risk in the home. In particular, maintaining the wires, plug sockets, and control panels in your home is a vital activity to ensure that shocks and fires are prevented.

Of course, as electricity is such a dangerous substance, it’s vital that young don’t risk your own health and well being by checking and restoring any faulty elements. Instead, you need to consult with professionals like CLD Electric and get them to do your electrical panel maintenance and repair, or even replace them if they are old and worn out. After all, that is what they are trained and paid for, and by using professionals, you will know for sure that the electrics in your home are finished to the highest and safest standards.


Gas is another thing that can be problematic for safety in the home. Obviously, it is super useful for heating and cooking, and most homes would not want to be without it, so instead you need to be aware of what can go wrong and protect your household against this.

For example, if you can smell gas, this indicates there might be a leak. That means you should not light the cooker, or use a naked flame in any capacity. You should also not use anything that may create a spark, so don’t turn on switches or plug anything in until you are have had a professional check and fix the leak.


Water in the family home is, of course, very necessary, both for drinking and washing. However, it can also be dangerous if not dealt with thin the correct way.

In particular, a way in which water can pose a danger to your family is if you have young children and they are left unsupervised around containers of water like buckets or baths. Sometimes they can fall in, and if there is no on ether to help them out the results can be very bad. That means it’s always safer to supervise kids when they are around a significant amount of water to ensure their safety.

hot water

Hot water scalding can be a nasty injury that is caused in the home.

The temperature of the water used in the home can also be something that is an issue, especially if you have hot water that comes straight from the tap at a scalding temperature. To deal with this, you need to educate your family about the danger. Also, ensure that you always run the hot and cold together when you are filling a bath or sink to prevent people forgetting and getting burnt because they have submerged their hands or body in the water without thinking.

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