How To Relieve Your Stress Naturally

Stress is an unavoidable part of life. It can even have some positive effects, such as the stress that drives you to succeed or to make better health choices. However, too much stress, or stress about things that you can not change, can do real physical damage to your body. Too much stress raises cortisol levels, which causes inflammation, and over time can cause illness or disease. The good news is, you can fight stress without relying on harsh medications. Here are some tips to help you get started today.

First, consider trying meditation. Meditation has been proven to lower stress levels both in the short and long-term. It also has been shown to lower blood pressure and improve the immune system. Start small by scheduling meditation sessions in 10 minute blocks. There are even apps available to help you meditate. Sit quietly and try to focus on breathing. Over time, it will get easier, and you will quickly see results throughout your day.

Another proven stress reducer is aromatherapy, which uses the power of scent to help change your mood or cause other mental changes. Lavender, for example will calm you down, so consider placing a diffuser in your work space. You can purchase high quality essential oils at a natural remedies shop, such as Earthshore Herbal Remedies Co., which makes trying out aromatherapy easy. Simply smelling the right products has been shown to reduce stress and help focus, among other qualities.

Finally, try to reduce your stress by engaging in positive, fun activities that keep your mind from dwelling on your problems. Exercise is particularly helpful, and enjoyable socializing has been shown to decrease stress levels. A perfect combination of these would be going for a hike with friends, or actively gardening with a loved one. Laughter can be the best remedy for stress, and time spent outside has been proven to help bring calmness and joy. You can also consider volunteering with a local group. It has been proven that helping others can lower a person’s cortisol levels, effectively wiping out the damage that stress can do.

Don’t let stress drag you down. You don’t need harsh chemicals or dangerous medication to get it under control. Reach out to friends, help others, try meditation and aromatherapy, and get outside. It’s time to take back your life from needless worry and stress!

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