How To Have Stress Free Meals With Your Little One

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Being a Mommy is an amazing thing. It is also hard work, especially when you have a toddler who refuses to eat their food! It’s difficult, and you’ll need to have plenty of patience. (A lot of it!) There’s mess, struggle, and tons of tantrums. One minute your little one will be shoving everything into their mouths, and the next minute they will be throwing food in your face.

Other than wearing your ‘I don’t care if it gets messy’ clothes, here’s what else will make everything a lot easier.

Know your toddler’s hunger cues.

Try figuring out exactly what time of the day your toddler gets hungry. So for example, if it’s at breakfast time, be sure that you prep the food before hand so everything is ready as soon as they’re up and hungry. You should make sure that you have a fridge full of fresh fruits, veggies, and yogurt so you can make smoothies too. They go down a treat, and they’re super healthy and packed full of vitamins.

Get your toddler to help prepare meals.

Well, depending on their age of course. Make your child feel part of what you’re doing. If you’re chopping veg at the table, pull them up in their high chair so they can watch you. Just make sure their chair is secure enough so they can’t reach any sharp objects or fall out! You can find the best baby chair along with reviews all over the web, so make sure you invest in something top quality. When cooking, let them taste things as you go to spark an interest.

Don’t offer bribes or prizes for trying new foods.

A lot of parents are told to give their child a bribe or a prize for eating something they didn’t want, but this isn’t actually a good idea. It will teach them to fake pleasure, rather than genuinely enjoying the food. It takes time to encourage your kid to eat, but persistence is what will get you through, not rewards.

Eat with them.

Something to remember is that kids may not necessarily want their dinner, they just want you. So when you plate up their food, sit down with them to keep them company. You can have your dinner the same time as them, or just a light snack to imply dinner time. When they eat, give them some positive reinforcement, a ‘good girl’ or ‘good boy’ will do.

Serve the solids before the liquids.

Don’t allow your child to have too much juice or milk before their meal time; otherwise they won’t be hungry anymore as they no longer have an empty stomach. So avoid filling them up with liquids unless you aren’t planning dinner until later on.

Don’t make new foods a big deal.

If you’re introducing your child to some new foods, don’t make a fuss and act a certain way – they’ll notice you’re being strange and it won’t work to your advantage at all. So don’t draw any attention to the fact that it’s alien to them, just be cool!…

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