Go With Your Gut When Buying A House


Most people have a hard enough time dealing with the choice in a grocery store (which is why they have stuck to the same brands from day one and not dared venture out) so imagine how hard it must be knowing whether or not you have found the right house when you are in the market for a home? What’s more, you have all the other pressures to contend with too, such as someone else swooping in with an offer while you weigh up all the pros and cons. Yes, the slow and steady approach is good, but the go-go-go approach might be necessary.

It is meant to be an exciting time in your life, but more often than not it is just stressful. Well, if you are currently about to open a house search app or speak to real estate agent on the phone, this article could be for you. Why? Because we are about to highlight how to know if you have found the right house. Good luck.

wrecked home

You Guess Right

There is that moment when you pull up on a street and you start guessing which house is the one that’s for sale. Is it the one you have parked outside of, or is it the one to the left with the Dutch gable, or on the right with the white-picket fence? If you secretly wish for it to be the one of the left and it is, then take that as a sign that something appealed to you from the outset.

First Impressions Count

It takes about nine seconds for you to make a judgment on someone when you first met them, and only three seconds when entering a house. You will know almost instantly whether it feels warm and homely. You will get a feeling right away that makes you want to explore more. If you get these feelings, then you shouldn’t ignore them.

My Plumber Says So

One of the things that make most buyers hesitate is that feeling that something beyond their understanding might be below par. We know that is what a survey is for, but it still makes us stutter for a moment. So, if you’ve done the genius thing of inviting a couple of plumbers, an electrician and a general contractor to view the house with you and nothing leaps out at them, then pop a tick in the good column and consider making the next step.

You Are Possessive

Your agent might well start to point out some floors. Things like a cracked tile, a stained floor, a missing door handle, wobbly stairs, that sort of thing. If you get an urge to counter them on these points then you should take that as a sign you are in love with this property. You’re already defending flaws, which must be for good reason.

chalkboard wall

Imagining Your Future

The whole point of you viewing a property is to imagine what it might be like to live here. But if you are walking around and thinking you’ll paint that wall this color, put your sofa there, make this the office with one of those swing chairs in the corner, and envisaging a Christmas tree over there, well, you are probably hooked already.

Put it this way: if you have viewed other houses and not got these feelings, then you may have just got the sign you wanted.

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