Giving The Green Light To A Eco Friendly Home

You don’t have to have a modern, sleek, home built entirely from scratch and costing a fortune for it to be eco-friendly. In fact, there are plenty of things that you can so to make the property that you are living in right now much greener. Just read on to find out what they are.

In the kitchen

You can go greener by not filling your kitchen full of useless electric utensils that use up energy. Instead, limit yourself to ones that are absolutely necessary. Or even go one better, and use things like a hand-powered whisk instead of an electric powered one.

Obviously, another thing that you can do in the kitchen to make your home greener is to recycle food waste. That means having a small compost box on the side and putting in potato peeling and other food waste, instead of throwing it in the bin.

Then you can add these items to a compost pile outside. Which means not only are you are producing less rubbish. But also you have free food to grow your own plants and vegetables to feed your family with.

The roof

The roof is another area in your home that you can make greener. You can do this by ensuring that the heat that cost so much money and energy to create is not lost through the roof of your house.

This is achieved by using roof insulation, and if you pick one that is made from the recycled material itself you can be double eco-friendly in the process.

The bathroom

You may not think there is much that you can do to improve the bathroom. But you’d be wrong. In fact, there are quite a few measures you can take.

First of all, why not add weight to your toilet cistern. As this will ensure that it continue to flush but also uses less water.

Talking of water, it can also be useful to have a timer on running water for a bath or a shower, so you don’t use too much. As well as reusing some of the greywater for watering your plants outside.

 photo cozy bathroom_zps9iftziht.jpg

The windows

Another item that you can be a little greener with is the windows in your property. This is because they are notorious for letting out heat, which costs a lot of energy to create.

You can deal with this problem by installing double or triple glazing. Which forms a protective barrier over the window stopping the heat escaping.

The floors

Lastly, you can improve the eco-credentials of your home by looking at the flooring that you are using. Carpet is often a better bet that tile if you want to keep your home warm. As it acts as an insulator.

Although, you can also look at installing underfloor heating. As this can help heat the entire room for a relatively low amount of energy. Thus saving you money, as well as putting less of a strain on our planet in terms of energy consumption.



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