Gadgets and Educational Songs for Kids

Gadgets for kids can be very helpful if utilized properly. I know some parents who strictly imposed a no-no on gadgets for their kids because of its “not so good” effect on them. Regardless of age, there are pros and cons in using gadgets especially for kids but as parents, we could not totally prohibit them from liking or having one because they can see it everywhere, even to us. If we disallow them, we might as well not use any gadgets too, for them not to see it in the household – that basically is leading by example so we could discipline them.

Personally, I like the idea of exposing my kid to the latest gadgets but it should be used in moderation. It is one way for her to learn the trend especially with the latest technology available. Bella learned to sing the alphabet song from YouTube and from the educational apps I downloaded on her tab and on her Tatay’s iPhone. Her counting and reading skills could also be attributed to the videos she watched on her tablet.

Watching music videos is also one way to bond with her friends. Most of the time, they would sing along with the nursery rhymes or any educational songs playing on her tab. Funny thing is, they would often dance with any song too. I bet it would be more fun and entertaining if they are playing the latest cool rding king ro 10 that goes well with the songs they are singing.

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