Fun Ways To Introduce Culture To Your Children

One of the most important parts of the planet we live on is humans. We’re all different, from the colours of our skin to the food we eat and the traditions that we hold closest to our hearts. The most important thing that we can do for our children is to introduce them to these different foods, traditions and styles that live around us every day, even if we don’t absorb ourselves in the culture. The world is smaller than it’s ever been before due to the expansion of technology and our ability to communicate from one country to another. We are also becoming more and more advanced at world travel, which puts us in a position to experience other cultures whenever we can. Exposing our children to these cultures can change the way that they view and accept people, giving them educational opportunities that set them up for success later on.

So, how can you bring a little culture into the lives of your children and in doing so, expand your horizons as a family?

Watching TV shows may not be in your usual remit, but documentaries that are child-friendly can be so eye opening, and you can lead on to activities involved. For example, each year there are different days that celebrate cultures from Japan to Ireland. You could have a Japanese themed day, with food typical for the culture like sushi, and anime TV shows that you can watch to appreciate the art style from the region. You can plan these international days with your children and get them involved in choosing a country per week to look at. Hands-on learning gauges great interest, and your children will love the chance to taste other foods and listen to music from other cultures; it’s fun!

Bringing culture home by adding atlas wall decals to their bedrooms as well as interactive globes to their homework space can really help to engage your children in other places. By having different décor options around the home portraying other cultures, you open yourself up to conversation with your children about those areas and you get to tell them some fun facts about each place. Children are sponges, and they really absorb that kind of information.

Cooking foods from other countries doesn’t just open up the horizons of your children, but your own as well. If you haven’t tried Japanese Katsu curry, or Greek Portokalopita pastry cake, then you need to learn to experience these things for yourself. You cannot hope to get your children interested in other cultures if you aren’t interested yourself!

Culture is something that your children will experience as they grow up, but it’s far more fun to be able to introduce them to those cultures yourself. You can bond so much as a family over a new shared interest in different places, and you can likely discover new things that you yourself will fall in love with, from food to music. Open your mind and your children will be well-rounded and successful adults.

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