Freelance Life: The First Year

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So, did you finally make the decision to take the plunge and become a freelancer? Awesome, congratulations! Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself ‘what happens next?’ Well, don’t panic – in this blog post, I’m going to outline all the things you will need to do in your first year of being a freelancer!

Get A Dedicated Workspace

Unfortunately, you can’t simply work from home on the sofa! If you did that, there is no way you would ever get any work done! Instead, you need to create or find a dedicated workspace. So, you might want to turn one of your spare bedrooms into a home office for yourself. If you think that you might get a bit lonely working on your own at home, you might prefer to book a hot desk at your nearest co-working space. Co-working spaces are large offices that freelancers can work in on an ad-hoc basis.

Set Up A Payroll

Next, you need to make it easy to get paid. You will need to set up a business bank account once you establish yourself as a freelancer, and you can’t just take out money from it whenever you want. Otherwise, the taxman could take quite an interest in you! You need to set up a monthly payroll. To do this, you just need a check stub maker and some payroll software. These can help you track your wages and will also automate your taxes for you.

Make An Invoice Template

If you want your clients to pay you, you will need to send them an invoice for any work that you carry out. To make sure you don’t have to create an invoice from scratch every time you want to get paid, it’s important that you make a template. This should include your own details in it, and a space for you to add the client’s information.

Hustle For Clients

If you don’t get any clients on your books, there is no way you will make it as a freelancer. Your first year will be made up of a lot of hustling to build your relationship with various clients. Going to networking events can help put you in touch with various potential clients, but it’s also a good idea to cold pitch businesses and companies via email.

Work On Your Marketing

If you set up a good marketing campaign, you will find that some new clients approach you about working for them. Not sure how to market yourself? It’s not that hard really. First of all, make sure you have a strong presence on social media. Working on your website’s SEO can also improve your digital marketing efforts further. If you really struggle with this side of freelance life, though, it’s worth speaking to a marketing agency as they can create some innovative strategies for you.

Don’t worry; life as a freelancer isn’t all that difficult. As long as you take the time to work through the above points in your first year, you will find that you come out the other end a lot stronger than what you were at the beginning of the year!

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