For Once and for All, Tackle Those Household Problems

We humans are prone to the ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ syndrome. We’re prone to not giving something a clean or a rubdown in our home when we see it, and then forgetting to do it all together. We’re prone to letting mess or market left behind by mess fester in our homes until it becomes too hard of a task to combat casually. But it’s time to stop doing these things. It’s time to start cleaning mess as and when you see — not later, and certainly not ‘tomorrow’. It’s time to stop leaving those everyday household problems until tomorrow and it’s time to start tackling them today! Read on to see just how you can do it.

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Wave goodbye to watermark rings

Watermark rings really are a nuisance, aren’t they? And the worst thing about them is that they are so easily avoidable — you must have to use a coaster! Unfortunately, however, there will always be people that you let into your home that will somehow forget their manners and use your table as one big coaster. But, never fear as there are ways to tackle the watermark rings that their drinks leave behind and wave goodbye to them for good. One way is combine small, equal parts of baking soda and water, turn them into a paste when combined, and rub this paste into the watermarks that are tainting your tables. And if you don’t have any baking soda, then another way to do this is to create a concoction made up of equal parts olive and oil and vinegar. And another way to do it is to rub petroleum jelly into the afflicted spots, leave them for an extended period of time (probably best to do it overnight), and then rub them. Once you do these things, everything should be as good as new. If they’re not, then try giving any watermark rings that have survived the hairdryer treatment.

Bye-bye bathtub rings

Another type of everyday ring that is a complete and utter menace to the cleanliness and aesthetic appeal of a home is the bathtub ring. This type of ring appears and grows the more your bathtub is used; so, if you’re a frequent bather then you are more than likely going to have to face these types of rings every time you step foot in your bathroom. But just because these rings appear, and what’s more just because they appear to be stubborn, it doesn’t mean they can’t be fought. Yes, they can fought, and they can fought no matter what type of bathtub you own. Cleaning a freestanding bathtub is just as easy as cleaning one that is combined with a shower. Cleaning a deep soaker tub is just as easy as cleaning a jetted island one. And cleaning a corner soaker is just as easy as cleaning an alcove one. A bathtub can be cleaned, no matter what type it is; you just have to be willing to put some elbow grease into it yourself. Yes, the best thing to combat bathtub rings is hard work on your part (and a half-cut lemon that has been dipped into salt). Simply get yourself a lemon dipped in salt and scrub it over any mark that you see until the mark disappears. And if you want to go one step further with your bathtub cleaning, drop some Alka-Seltzer down your bath’s drain whenever it is blocked in order to see water flowing smoothly through it again.

Ridding your home of all rubbish

Rubbish and garbage needs to be dealt with and taken out frequently — it’s as simple as that. Unfortunately, however, sometimes external forces, such as bin men and garbage removal strikes, make this hard to do. And when this type of event occurs, and homes begin to become inundated with rubbish, big problems can arise in the form of very little but very dangerous pests. Yes, as you  probably know, rubbish attracts unwelcome pests such as flies and the maggots they breed, as well as rats and other rodents. And these pesky little pests bring with them a host of diseases that you nor your family want to be exposed to, so you have to ensure your home is as rubbish-free as can be — whether that means taking things into your own hands or not. Yes, whether your bin men are on strike or not you must be taking the rubbish out. Whether it is household rubbish or outdoor rubbish, just take it away from your home and straight to your local tip. By doing so, you might just save your life.

Say sayonara to bad smells

Nobody should have to wake up and be greeted by a musty smell. Nobody should be subjected to a bad smell surrounding them whilst they eat. And nobody should have to go to sleep at night with a horrid smell filling their nostrils. Basically, nobody should have to contend with an offensive odour in their home, ever; so, make sure you fight any that arise in your home. If it’s an air conditioning unit in your home that is emitting a bad smell, then just put a dryer sheet on top of its filter. If it your fridge that is giving off an awful smell, then try and absorb it by placing old newspapers in the fruit and vegetable drawer. Or if it’s a clogged up drain that is letting off a sickening smell, then try any one of the tips found here.

Every home is going to be subjected to a dirty mark, mess or a bad smell at some point — this is just natural. What is not natural, however, is leaving said mark, said mess or said smell there to linger, fester and rot. What you should do, whenever you see or smell a mess in your home, is clean it. This doesn’t mean leaving it until tomorrow, because tomorrow will never come. It means doing it today!

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