Easy Way To Encourage Your Kid’s Creative Spark

Sometimes the most valuable thing you can do for your little ones is not to send them to a top school, or get them a private tutor but to encourage their creativity. In fact, getting in touch with our creative talents has benefits throughout life including being able to better express emotion, as well as a meditative-like quality that brings peace and joy. Even if, for some reason, the kids don’t continue with the artistic activity they did in their youth, just educating them on the value of being creative can stand them in good stead for future hobbies and careers. With all that in mind below you will find some easy ways you can encourage your kid’s creative spark.


Painting is, of course, the first activity that comes to mind when we think of creativity, and with so many different styles to have a go at it can make a great start for some fun activities that will get the kid’s creative juices flowing.

A simple set of poster paints is a great creative start for kids.

A simple set of poster paints is a great creative start for kids.

Great beginning activities for kids include some simple experiments with painting portraits in poster paints, or the endlessly enjoyable activity of foot and hand painting on a long roll of paper. Although, if you do choose to give this one a go it may be best to leave it for the hot weather, when you can do it outside, and not risk covering your carpet in paint splatters and footprints!

As children develop in the art of painting, you can try them with other activities, as well include different mediums such as watercolors and acrylics. You can even get them to look at some of the more famous styles like Pointillism and Cubism, and try and recreate them in their own way. An activity that they will no doubt enjoy, especially if they get to choose their own subject matter.


While some folks like to lump in painting and drawing together, I think it’s important that they are separated out. Drawing is more about working with pencils, pens, ink or crayons or even in a more illustrative style. Something that kids can have a lot of fun doing without creating too much mess.


Simple drawing activities include getting your little ones a sketchbook and some pens or pencils and letting them loose to draw images of the world they see around them. Alternatively, they may enjoy drawing the mad and marvelous things that can be conjured up by their imagination.

Other activities include completing comic strips of their favorite stories, or even specific parts of their day. While designing their own superheroes, with your child’s choice of powers and costume can be fun too.


Collage, named for the French word coller which means ‘to glue’ is a wonderful creative activity that is adored by adults and children alike. Part of its appeal is its simplicity, as all it entails is taking pieces of paper or small items and sticking them to a base to form a larger picture.


For kids, in particular, it is a very hands-on and sometimes messy activity that holds their attention well. Something that makes it a great choice to beat boredom and be artistic at the same time.

For the most part, it is wise to start the little ones off with paper collage, where they make a picture from ripped pieces of coloured paper. Use black back sheets and bright and metallic colors to make it especially exciting and enjoyable.


Traditionally photography has been seen as a more adult creative activity, primarily because of the expensive kit and dangerous chemicals used in developing photographs. However, today we are in a place where almost everyone has access to a camera through their phone, and images are digital and instantaneous. Something that makes it a much safer and more accessible exercise for all age ranges.


So, if your little one is showing some interest in being behind the camera, why not let them try it out? They may choose at first to document a particular trip that you are on, a special occasion or even scenes that they create with their toys.

Then as they grow up, you can introduce them to some of the more advanced concepts like portrait or landscape photography settings that will allow them to improve the shots they are taking. Older kids may also enjoy learning the art of photo manipulation through programs such as Photoshop, where they can adjust and add to their work and enhance their creativity.


Sculpting can help children fine motors and spatial skills.

Sculpting can help children fine motors and spatial skills.

Sculpting is such a valuable creative activity, as it helps to develop fine motors skills as well as spatial awareness. It’s also really fun, especially when the thing you are creating actually end up looking like what they are supposed to be!

To get your kids involved in sculpture there are playsets that include non-toxic dough that can be molded and remodeled into a range of shapes. There are also air drying and oven hardening clays that can be used to create more permanent pieces. Although like any crafty tasks using these will require adult supervision safety.

Seasons and festivals make great inspiration for sculptures, and the results can be displayed during the associated holiday. Something that is great fun for the kids when they are young, as well as a wonderful reminder of that time in their lives that can be brought out year after year when they are older.


Last but not least another great way of encouraging your kids to be creative is to get them interested in working with textiles. This may include sewing, crochet, knitting or embroidery. Although it can also cross the boundaries into other mediums such as photography and sculpture as well. It all depends on your child’s imagination!


Of course, to start with sharp pins, needles, and scissors aren’t a great idea. That is why you need to help your child build up slowly from basic skill kits to more advanced projects, as they become more confident.

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