Creating a Safe and Comfy Nursery


There are few things more exciting than getting the nursery ready for your little one’s imminent arrival, especially if it’s your first child and you’ve never had to do it before. Of course, if you’re new to all this, you might now know exactly what you need to do, above and beyond erecting a crib, to keep your baby safe and comfy in his or her new room.

If that’s the case, here are some simple tips to help you create a nursery that is as safe and cozy as it can possibly be for your beautiful baby and you:

Buy a Crib that Will Grow with Your Baby

There are lots of beautiful cribs out there to turn the eye, but before you get swept up in the moment and impulsively buy a beautiful piece of furniture that catches the eye, remember that your baby will grow and it’s always a good idea, if you want to ensure his or her comfort, and keep your spending in check, to buy a crib that will grow with them. A crib that can be transformed into a bed fit for a toddler, which can be fitted with a toddler rail to stop your little one from falling out of bed and which has two mattress heights, which you can easily adjust to suit your baby’s needs at any particular time, is your best bet.

Choose Non-Toxic Paints

Babies have delicate bodies and a propensity to bite, chew and lick everything in sight, which is an excellent argument for choosing non-toxic paint in the nursery. This is especially important when painting the crib, which they could so easily chew on, but using it on the walls will also ensure that your brand new baby doesn’t inhale any toxic fumes which could be harmful, too.

Install a Ceiling Fan

Ensuring that your baby is not too hot or cold in the nursery is a vital step to keeping him or her comfortable, but ensuring that your baby doesn’t overheat will also help (along with various other measures) to keep him safe from the devastating and still little understood condition that is sudden infant death syndrome. So, be sure to check out this list of best name brands offering big ceiling fans, before you paint the ceiling and finish the room. It really could make a big difference to your baby.

Correctly Position the Crib

Once you’ve bought a nice crib, painted the room and gotten everything ready, when the time comes to assemble the crib, you should ensure that you choose the best possible position for it.

Positioning your crib as far away from windows or other glass objects as possible is vital, especially if you live in an area that often gets hit with intense storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters. If you can’t do that, then at least ensure that your baby can’t reach the windows and that your window treatments in the nursery are in good condition.

Construct a Nursing Nook

If you’re going to be nursing your baby, then you need to take both of your comfort levels into consideration when creating the perfect nursery. One of the best ways to ensure comfort during nursing is by creating a comfy nursing nook, which can be as simple as a corner of the room which is fitted with a comfy chair (rocking chairs like the ones on this list are a good choice) and ottoman, as well as a floor lamp, so that you can read or otherwise keep yourself occupied with ease.
A Convertible Changing Table

If you both want to be safe and comfortable during changing, having a changing table, rather than trying to do it on the floor, which may be cold, have hazards and more difficult for you to get down to, is a must.

Ideally, you should choose a convertible changing table, like this one, which when your baby is older, can be transformed into a functional chest of drawers, with no signs of a changing area present.

Invest in a Wool Rug

Having a rug in the nursery is a great way to add comfort and coziness, especially if you happen to have wooden floors. It also provides a safe space for your baby to play on as he or she gets older, but only if you choose the right material.

There are many rug materials. Like those furry ones that are so popular, which aren’t really child-safe because the fabric can easily come away and turn into a choking hazard. Luckily, wool rugs are not only comfortable and very cozy, but they are also very durable, very safe and very easy to clean, too!

Dimmer Lighting

Soft lighting is a must in any nursery simply because, when you’re woken up in the middle of the night by a crying baby, bright lights might be too much for your delicate eyes, and they may make it more difficult for you to get back to sleep should the chance present itself.

Be Careful with Mobiles

Hanging a mobile over the crib is something of a tradition, and most babies seem to love them because it gives them something to focus on. So, if you want to hang a mobile, you should, BUT you must make sure that the mobile is out of reach of your baby and that it is correctly affixed to the ceiling, because should the baby be able to reach it, or should it, or part of it, fall down it could become a choking hazard.

Pick a Theme

Now that all of that’s out of the way, it’s time for the fun bit – choosing a theme. Although there is no law saying that your nursery should have a theme, it’s often a good idea to do so, not only because these look so cute, but also because it’s easier to put a gift registry together or for your friends and family to buy you something for the baby that you’ll actually love, if you have one in place. If you can’t think of a good theme, just think of a color or palette of colors that you love and make that the focus of the nursery.

Have fun creating a cute, comfy and safe environment for your little one!

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