Come Out From Behind The Curtains To Upgrade Your Home’s Bad View

Unfortunately, not every apartment is blessed with a gorgeous view out of its windows. Even if you are lucky to look across a rolling meadow from one room, in another room, you might be greeted by a very bad, or even boring, view from another!

Unfortunately, a bad view isn’t just something that can be depressing to look at – it could actually depress the value of your property! A recent study shows that a home that looked out onto nearby, ugly properties or very messy nature could put potential buyers right off.

But don’t get down about your poor vistas just yet! There are some ways you can improve the sight out if your windows. Read on to find out more!

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Patterned Glass In The Windows

One way to totally obscure the vote out of your window is to replace any clear glass in your windows with some patterned glass. Rather than simply changing the glass, you might also want to consider complete window replacements if you think you could benefit from larger panes. Some popular patterned glass choices include stained-glass windows or translucent glass. These are especially popular in bathroom windows so that no one can look in.

Plant A High Hedge

You will find that planting a high hedge can block the view to anything just beyond your garden. Rather than waiting for small seedlings to grow high enough, you could just cut out all the waiting by planting mature trees. You could also add some style to your garden by planting bamboo plants. Not only do these make a great natural screen but they will also add an exotic twist to your outdoor area.

Decorate Your Window Sill

One tactic you might like to use to divert attention away from your bad view is to make your indoor window sill very attractive. For instance, you could cover your window sill with vases filled with beautiful flowers and flower pots with cacti and herbs. If the vases and pots are high enough, they may even block any unsightly views completely. One little tip is to add some herbs to the flowers and plants on your window sill as they will add a fresh aroma to your rooms.

Use Exterior Hanging Baskets

Using flowers outside your windows will also take attention away from any awful views. One way to do this is to hang some hanging baskets of flowers just above the window so that flowers cover most of the glass in the window. Then you won’t have to look at an unsightly view – you can look at colorful flowers instead!

Add An Adjustable Window Treatment

There are some window treatments that can be adjusted to cover different parts of a window. You might find it is worth investing in some of these so that you can block out the view whenever you have guests or visitors.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to upgrade your home’s bad view. You’re not stuck with it forever, thank goodness!

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