Closing Up Open-plan: How to Create Distinct Zones

Open-plan living has a number of awesome benefits. It’s a great way to make use of a smaller space, and it can give your home a modern look too. However, it can sometimes be difficult to deal with such an open space. Dividing it up into distinct zones helps you to get more from it, but separating each zone can be a little tricky. Apart from giving each zone a distinct but complementary style, there are a few other methods you can use to physically separate each space. Whether you’re creating a barrier between your bedroom and office space or your kitchen and living room, try these ideas.

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Use Privacy Screens

If you want a flexible option, privacy screens can work really well. You can move them around and put them away when you don’t want to use them. Have a look at for some examples of different styles you might like to try. They can look sleek and modern or have a warmer, traditional look. You might like to try a Japanese style screen, or maybe something exotic that would look at home in a boudoir. You can use one to separate a small space, or several of them in a row if you want to mark off a larger area.

Get Some Bookcases

Shelves and bookcases are another fantastic option to divide up an open-plan space. They are, however, not as easy to move as privacy screens. So they’re ideal if you want a permanent solution, rather than something you can pull back. If you want to avoid having a solid block in the middle of a room, choose an open bookcase. That way, you’ll have light going through both sides of the shelves, and you can leave some spaces empty. It’s a great way to decorate a room while adding storage for anything from books and records to your favorite knick-knacks.

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Try Sliding Doors

Adding sliding doors to your home can be one option if you want to to be able to have things open-plan but sometimes close things up a bit too. It won’t work for every home, but installing some industrial-style metal doors can give you a striking look. If that look is too much for you, there are others styles you can choose if you want to install pocket or bi-fold doors. They can even be made from glass, so you can separate two spaces but still have light coming between the two.

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Hang Some Curtains

Curtains can also work if you want to split up your different zones. You probably don’t want to pick anything too heavy, so consider looking at sheer curtains. They will separate different spaces without turning each zone into a tiny space. You’ll get the benefits of open-plan living, but you can have more distinct areas for different activities. Floor-to-ceiling curtains could stay in place, or you might have them on a rail so you can pull them back.

If you want to keep your open-plan space but change things up a bit, use these methods to create different zones. You can have the best of both worlds when you choose one that works for you.

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