Christmas Dangers: Keeping Your Family Safe This Festive Season

Warning: Christmas is here!

Warning: Christmas is here!

Christmas is just around the corner, bringing with it cheer, joy, and DANGER! Yes, that’s right, Christmas is a dangerous and perilous time of the year. Sorry if we have sent a festive chill down your backs, but we are only trying to help! The following are some of the dangers that we think you need to be aware of. Exploding Christmas crackers are not included, though you should probably check the packaging..just in case!

Gift-unwrapping burglars

Your kids love the sight of their wrapped Christmas gifts under the tree. Giddy in anticipation, they feel through the wrapping, trying to work out what’s inside. Well, guess what? They aren’t the only ones trying to have a guess at the delights inside if you fail to sort out your home security. Burglars love this time of year, moving from house to house under the safety of darkness. Make sure you keep your doors and windows securely locked and contact a locksmith for extra security measures. Safety lights outside your home will deter would-be intruders, and make sure your burglar alarm is working. Otherwise, Christmas morning will be a huge disappointment. Sadly, telling your kids “Santa must be ill” isn’t going to cut it with your kids.

Dodgy toys

Kids love to play, and that’s fine! However, make sure you buy toys from reputable sources. Every year injuries are caused by children playing with toys that turn out to be duds. Unofficial replicas of popular toys are cheaper, but they may break easily, and they won’t have passed the same rigorous safety tastes. Therefore, always buy from recognised toy companies and look for the safety symbol on the packaging. Then check that no toys have been recalled by manufacturers, as despite testing, dangers still reveal themselves down the line.

Violent video games

While video games are a good way of keeping the children quiet while you get some much-needed rest, you need to be mindful of age ratings. They are there for a reason, so don’t allow your kids access to any game that has unsuitable material, such as violence. Your children will become a danger unto themselves and others if they copy the actions on screen, and they may have sleepless nights if they see images that trouble them. As we said in this more in-depth article on the subject, always check the ESRB age rating, no matter how much your child protests he needs to play the latest game to stay popular with his friends.

Burning Christmas trees

Can you smell burning? Well, if you put anything flammable near the Christmas tree, then yes, you probably can! You don’t want your tree to go up in flames, so don’t place it near an open fire, or next to your newly acquired festive candles. Then check your Christmas lights. Unfortunately, getting your old lights out of the attic for the umpteenth year is not a good idea, as they may not have met modern safety standards. As with toys, always check the packaging first, and buy from a reputable source. Every year house fires are caused by tree and light mishaps, so take extra care. Otherwise, your house will be lit up to a much greater degree than you ever imagined!

Dangers aside, we hope you have a wonderful and safe Christmas!


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