Cheap Ways To Be Cheerful!

Do you get stressed out as soon as you see your phone vibrate? With another email or text on your phone or comment on social media, it’s contributing to our overall anxieties which mean that we need to find ways to relax and quickly. And it’s not even just the daily pressures, it’s the financial ones too which makes it a lot harder for us to find a way to calm down that doesn’t cost lots of money. So here are few things to build into your life for you to calm down.

Make A Space For Chilling Out

If you haven’t got anywhere that’s your little sanctuary then you need to try and find somewhere or build a little corner of your room just for you with a chair or a bean bag you can dive on at the end of the hard day. There are those ultra cool large bean bags you can buy at places like Sack Daddy, you can learn more about Sack Daddy and their products on their website. If you can’t afford furniture just prop up a few cushions or a rug and close your eyes for a bit.


A lot has been said about the benefits of meditation, from reducing blood pressure to a generally better outlook on life. And the great part is that doesn’t have to cost anything! While it can be difficult to get into that frame of mind, if you start practicing and build up to 10 minutes a day, this has been shown to have extremely beneficial effects on your mind and body.

Put The Kettle On

Teas like peppermint and chamomile have been shown to have a relaxing effect, while green tea has been known to contain L-theanine, a potent relaxant. So instead of your normal brew, swap it for one of these and feel the relaxing benefits.

Check For Intolerances

You may find that certain foods are making you anxious without you realizing it, but you can use a food sensitivity app like the Bulletproof Food Detective, which helps you to establish if something is making your heart race. So if you find that you have a sensitivity to something (which is much more common now) you can start to cut these out of your diet and feel better for it.

Go For A Walk

Yes, the good old-fashioned walk in the park or somewhere else is a great way to get a little bit of exercise which is good for you. But also the benefits of walking on calming you down don’t need to be shown in some study! If you can find somewhere that’s nice and relaxing where you can get away from the hubbub of general life for a bit, it will do you wonders.

It’s hard work living in the modern world, but we can find somewhere to calm down for a short period of time it will give us the strength we need to keep going. So if you can start implementing these little things, it will begin to make for a more relaxing version of you.

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