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Keeping Your Smartphone Up to Scratch!

Long gone are the days of the landline. Just a couple of decades ago, many of us would have accepted the majority of our calls on our landline telephones. This made sense at the time. We would generally have free calls to other landlines and texting was generally still on a pay per text basis, so a big bill could mount up relatively quickly. However, nowadays, the majority of us are on mobile contracts which have free calls and texts to individuals on pretty much every major network. The messaging apps, video call features available on smartphones, and ability to send messages worldwide in split seconds also mean that the major cost of long distance calling is something we can easily avoid. In short, the smartphone now reigns supreme! But with so many features and benefits, it’s important that you keep yours up to scratch. Here are a things that you can do to keep it working, updated, and in good condition at all times. Read the rest of this entry »

Keeping Your Children Safe On The Web

Children are using technology from such young ages nowadays. You’ll be surprised at how young they are before they’ve got a phone in their hand, or watching a movie on the Ipad. It is up for debate as to whether this is good or not. The old schools of of you out there will be shouting definitely not, but the newer generation believe children should be brought up with it. Whatever your view point is, they’re going to start using technology quicker than you realise, and when they do you need to make sure they’re being safe on the web. So we’ve put together a few ways in which you can ensure their safety is high on the internet.

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Making Your Quirky Home Baby-Proof

Years ago, when you first set eyes on that fixer-upper in the nice street you’ve always admired, you probably didn’t think about the future too much. The house that you bought needed a lot of work and overtime – with a lot of savings – you have made your fixer-upper into the most beautifully modern home while still retaining a lot of the original features. The thing is, that old, eighteenth century home that you fell in love with at the start still has the original odd-sized doors. It still has the sweeping staircase that is wooden from top to bottom. It still has tall floor lamps to accommodate for the high ceilings and even taller windows. These original features that you spent time carefully looking after during renovations suddenly look like death traps the moment that you find out you are pregnant.

Having a baby is like lobbing a small, squishy pink hand grenade into your life. One minute you’re happy and comfortable with your newly renovated house and the next you are seeing danger at every hallway and disaster in every room. You don’t have to panic though. The whole baby-proofing thing is one of the biggest milestones for parents and the freak-out you are feeling about your house being a death trap is a common one! Generally, the advice is to get yourself down to the level of a baby and see from their point of view where the dangers are. The problem with that is there is every chance you’re going to get more than you bargained for, finding issues with the house you thought was perfect from structural issues to insulation issues. If you do find issues with the house during your hunt for dangers, you should look here for details on how you can fix it up again and make it right before you get down to the proper business of baby-proofing. The problem with the earlier advice we mentioned about getting down to the level of your toddler is that seeing things from the perspective of a small person can make you panic even further. Stairs look scary through the eyes of a toddler; they’re a mountain to be conquered, not a giant death trap that could cause hospital visits. Sockets in the house look like handy places to store toys and you see the corners of the cabinets as eye-pokers that can cause serious damage.

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