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Making Memories: Presence Not Presents This Christmas

Every year at this time, children get excited. School is about to break for the winter vacation, the nights are darker earlier and the Christmas tree is lit every night. The letters to Father Christmas have been written and the stockings wait by the fireplace for Christmas Eve. For children, Christmas is usually a time to get excited about the presents, and it’s up to us as adults to teach them that there is so much more to it than that.

Even if you are not a religious family, Christmas will have a special meaning for you. It’s about family togetherness and spending time as a unit doing fun activities and remembering the giving part of the holiday. Children may be excited for the presents under the tree on Christmas morning, but the bit they are most excited about is spending time with you. It’s the one time of the year that the country shuts down for a day, which means you get to take time off work and just be at home with the family. You get to spend time making memories and capturing them on your Olympus camera. Snapping shots of the Christmas baking and the paper chains you’ve made and taking pictures of the family, all together having fun is a great way to keep the memories living forever.

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The Best Ways To Enhance The Romance In Your Relationship

Having been together for over a decade, living together and having children could be taking its toll on what was once a romance filled relationship. It can be really easy to take for granted what you have around you, and no one wants to be googling how to get your ex back alone on a Saturday night. Take your mind back to when you first got together – when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other and would wine, dine and continuously surprise each other to ensure somebody else didn’t catch their eye. As time goes on it can become increasingly easier to get comfortable and lazy with the romance in your relationship. Here are some tips to reconnect with your younger self and partner, who put their all in to creating what you now have.

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Top Tips for When Your Partner Works Away

Being a parent is always tricky. The kids have so many needs and take up vast amounts of your time. You want to give them the best and be there for them whenever they need you. But, you have your own commitments and other responsibilities and need to take a little time out for yourself sometimes.

Whatever your situation, parenting is tough. Some of us work, some stay at home, some are married, others single and some fall into that odd middle ground. Where their partners are home some of the time, but frequently work away and can be gone for weeks at a time. For the parent at home, it can be difficult to adjust. But then you get into your own routines and find your own ways of doing things. You and the kids develop a special bond and learn to get by on your own. Then, suddenly, another parent is thrown into the mix. You’re happy to see them and glad of the support. But, they interrupt your routines.

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