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Exciting Ideas To Keep Your Kids Entertained This Holiday Season

Keeping kids entertained throughout the holiday season can be one of the toughest things to do. Although they may have lots of new toys to play with come Christmas, making sure they have plenty to do before and after is a must if you don’t want to hear ‘I’m bored’ on a loop.

Encouraging your kids to make their own fun and come up with their own ideas is important, otherwise they may start to rely on you for entertainment more than is healthy. However, for younger kids, you’ll need some ideas. Here are some exciting ideas that will keep them entertained and help you all to create some amazing memories!

Make Your Own Games

Playing games is a lot of fun, but why not make your own games to keep kids occupied for even longer? Maybe they could make their own pinata, or hoopla game. They could even make up their own game with their own rules that you can all play afterwards. Make sure you have plenty of craft supplies for this!

Bake Sweet Treats

Teaching your kids to cook and bake is a great idea, as they learn a new skill while they’re young. You can get them involved in making the dinner, but something that’s even better is baking sweet treats with them. Why not bake christmas cookies and cake? Keep some for yourself, and then take some to your elderly neighbor, or your family. It’s the season of giving, after all!

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Time for Adventure: Pushing Our Children Out of Their Comfort Zone

The words children and risk can not always sit well together. As a parent, we can conjure up ideas and images about our children hanging from a cliff and being in trouble. But, of course, not all risks that they take are going to be created equal. Some risks our children take are going to be necessary, and even positively beneficial to help our children develop into well-rounded individuals.

In life, there are many risks around us. As adults, we have navigated and learned most of what we need to know. We’ll drive slower around a corner in the rain than we would on a straight road in the sunshine, for example. But when our children haven’t had the life experiences that we have had, how will they know when they should be ‘slowing down’ or ‘speeding up’? So our children need to be able to learn and decide these kinds of things for themselves. But how can they do it? As much as we don’t want them to face any risk, our children do have to be exposed to it in order to learn and grow. When this happens, they will develop certain skills like decision-making, acting on impulse, and show what areas they need to focus on too. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Fun Sports That Your Daughter Might Enjoy

Trying to get your daughter more interested in sports is not always easy. It starts with finding out which sports she’d be most interested in taking up because what’s most important is the participation and exercise she gets out of it. We’re going to look at 5 great sports and why they might just suit your daughter and help her to start enjoying the activity of playing sports and getting active a bit more.

1. Basketball

Basketball is a classic option for parents looking to get their children involved in sport, and it’s not hard to see why. It involves a heavy amount of cardiovascular exercise, and that’s what children need in order to stay fit and healthy throughout their younger years, as well as into adulthood. It’s easy to get started and you can spark her interest by shooting hoops with her on the nearest court in your neighborhood. Read the rest of this entry »

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