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Four Easy Ways Of Making Money From Home

Have you made the New Years resolution of making more money this year than ever before? Even if you haven’t then why not go for it anyway. But if you have a busy schedule with work or family life then it’s hard to find ways of making extra cash on the side. Here’s a couple of ideas to get you going. You could be making your first million before the year is out.

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The Ultimate Rules For Picking The Right Business Premises (Even If You’re A Newbie)

Small businesses can only stay small for so long because they tend to grow along with their success. That means eventually you may find yourself needing space for your company that is bigger than your spare room. This is the time in which you will find yourself looking for premises for your business, something that can be full of pitfalls especially if you have never done it before. To avoid such problems is simple though, all you need to do is read and put into practice the simple rules below.

Always check the condition of the building

The first rule that you absolutely must stick to when looking for premises for your business is to check the condition of the building. This is so vital because it is where you will be housing your most precious assets, your employees, equipment, and your products. That means damp, infestations, faulty heating systems, and leaky roofs are all a big no-no, as they can cost you a fortune to sort out and create a lot of chaos in the meantime. Read the rest of this entry »

Freelance Life: The First Year

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So, did you finally make the decision to take the plunge and become a freelancer? Awesome, congratulations! Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself ‘what happens next?’ Well, don’t panic – in this blog post, I’m going to outline all the things you will need to do in your first year of being a freelancer! Read the rest of this entry »