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Birthday Parties

Everyone loves a party. You can kick back, relax with your nearest and dearest, and celebrate a milestone or event. It can be your standard birthday party, or an event held for a christening or wedding. However, while we all love a good “do”, it’s the birthday parties that are the most special.

Happy Birthday

After all, who doesn’t love a party that is dedicated solely to them? Most of us can remember the blissful birthday parties we had as children, when we got to be the star of the show and enjoy a delightful selection of gifts. As a parent, you probably want to ensure that your child has such wonderful memories to look back on in the future. As their birthday approaches, you spring into planning mode, wanting to guarantee the best experience possible. Read the rest of this entry »

Easy Way To Encourage Your Kid’s Creative Spark

Sometimes the most valuable thing you can do for your little ones is not to send them to a top school, or get them a private tutor but to encourage their creativity. In fact, getting in touch with our creative talents has benefits throughout life including being able to better express emotion, as well as a meditative-like quality that brings peace and joy. Even if, for some reason, the kids don’t continue with the artistic activity they did in their youth, just educating them on the value of being creative can stand them in good stead for future hobbies and careers. With all that in mind below you will find some easy ways you can encourage your kid’s creative spark.


Painting is, of course, the first activity that comes to mind when we think of creativity, and with so many different styles to have a go at it can make a great start for some fun activities that will get the kid’s creative juices flowing.

A simple set of poster paints is a great creative start for kids.

A simple set of poster paints is a great creative start for kids.

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Don’t Forget These Essentials When You Welcome Your Newborn

It’s been a long nine months, but now your little one is finally here. After just a few days, you’re ready to bring your beautiful newborn home and show them their new little world. It won’t be long before all your friends and extended family want to welcome your bundle of joy too. Preparing for an event like this might exhaust you just to think about it. After all, you’re not getting much sleep right now! Whether it’s big or small, make sure you remember these welcome party essentials:

What’s In A Name?

It’s important you write the given name of your newborn down on the invitations. This obvious detail can easily be forgotten when you’re writing out venue addresses and directions. If the welcome party is also a formal naming ceremony or Christening, then be certain to make that clear on the invite. It gives guests an idea of appropriate attire for the event. If you are welcoming your little one into your faith at the same time, then this may also influence the choice of gifts that guests bring.

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