Buying For Him For Christmas?

The ever present ‘Him’. He’s everywhere in the shops for the holidays, with his own greetings cards section at the front of a store, and at Valentines he’s always paired with ‘Her’. Having a whole brand revolve around buying a seasonal piece that’s just going to go on a windowsill or in the back of a wardrobe isn’t going to keep a relationship together well! However, buying for him doesn’t need to be hard, and it doesn’t need a dedicated area either. Let’s think of a few areas in which you can buy something for the special man in your life, whether he be a partner, friend, father, or brother.

Buying gifts can be tricky when you realise someone has everything they want in life already. When it comes to being a social butterfly, as a lot of us are, having an idea for all your friends can be expensive in both terms of time and money, nevermind anyone else! Try some out of the box thinking and go in search of something funny or practical the special man in your life can use all year round.

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First, Try Thinking of What He Likes

Everybody has different tastes, and those universal gifts aren’t going to always work. Fitting a mold isn’t what gift giving is about, so delve into the kinds of things you know your guy likes. Even if he seems to have everything to do with it, there’s always something he’s missed out on.

If he’s a writer, get him a funny or shiny new pencil case, or even a novelty pen topper. There’s nothing like a good eraser or model to stop him from chewing on the end of his pen. Similarly, you have paints and palettes for artists, or covers for his drawing utensils if he prefers to go digital. If you really think about what someone loves to do, you can find plenty to accommodate what it is they do in a fun and friendly way.

Shop in the Fashion Department

It’s often pinpointed that a lot of men don’t know how to dress. However, this simply isn’t true, but sometimes keeping fashion choices in the modern day is hard to do as men’s fashion can be incredibly hard to find. It can also mean you inject a little of your own style into someone else’s fashion choices, which can really show how much you love them.

Why not try to revitalise a wardrobe, if that’s what you think your man needs. Most boyfriends are always in search for more mens casual shirts, and getting your Dad something that’s up to date on the style front works wonders for family dinners out. Similarly, novelty socks are always funny to see peeking out of the top of shoes, and the same goes for ties around the neck; the sign of a great teacher or mentor. Funny and seasonal goes hand in hand a lot of the time, so get him a tie for each season of the year!

How About Some Experience Days?

We see them a lot in the general stores around town: the displays of gift experiences either for one or two people on a day out of their choice. Well, there’s a reason these are quite so prominent, and it’s because they’re fun to go on and you get a great deal out of them.

If you’re really at a loose end with someone over deliberation into gift ideas, try something that’s a little out of the way in terms of wrapping paper and gift tags. Experience days can range from a whole load of days out and weekends away, and usually come with breakfast included!

If you want a family trip, why not try tea for two or three in a cafe near the beach, or for something a little more fast paced, get them a day on the racetrack with the car of their dreams. When it comes to it, you don’t even have to buy a pre-planned experience, and simply invent your own. Gift someone the tickets on a Christmas morning, and voila! Your love is all wrapped up in a bow!

There’s really quite a lot you can do for ‘Him’ when it comes to the big festivities, and it doesn’t have to break the bank either when you go in search of the gifts of a lifetime. You’re a good friend and a priceless part of the family, so don’t forget that at the end of the day!

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