Buying a House or an Apartment: Make The Right Move

spacious living room

Buying a house seems to be the way to go for small families, while younger homeowners tend to go for apartments. Just because this is the norm doesn’t mean it’s the best option, though, and you may be well off in an apartment even if you have young children. As always, it boils down to individual preferences, and there’s no easy answer to which option is better.

Use this handy guide to analyze your situation and weigh out the pros and cons; no matter what you choose, it should be right for your situation.

I need more space

When you live in an apartment, you may have a better time finding the best location and live close to amenities as well as your work but, let’s face it; they’re rather small. Most families choose to settle into a house as they get more space, often a yard, and a bit more quiet than they’d be able to get in an apartment.

You can manage to live in a small space when you know the hacks to it, but even the most brilliant apartment hacks become redundant with children in the picture. Find a comfortable home in a quiet neighbourhood instead, come to terms with living a bit outside of the center, and use to make the house purchase process a bit easier on your wallet.

I need more security

To some people, the sense of security outweighs everything else – especially if you’ve lived in a dangerous neighborhood or country in the past. The less security we have, the more we come to value it, and you’ll often be a lot safer in an apartment complex than in a stand-alone house. Not just because you’ll be surrounded by neighbors for better or worse, but you’ll also have secure front doors and even security guards.

Criminals are also less likely to break into an apartment as so many people are able to spot them. You can, of course, invest in a proper security system when you move into a house but this is often something you get after living in the area for a while.

I need my pets

All pet owners are, and certainly should be, clear about one thing: they need a place to keep their pet. When you’re the happy parent of a cat, apartment living becomes a bit more manageable than if you’re living with a large St. Bernhard, for example, or a very active dog. Some cat breeds are also a lot more active than the others, particularly Bengals and those who are a bit wilder at heart. Read more about this on, by the way, for more details.

Think about how happy your pet will be in a smaller apartment; if you’ve lived with your pet in one before and it was perfectly fine, you’ll probably manage it quite well – especially if it has a balcony. Large dogs and active cats need more space, though, and won’t be happy in a cramped up apartment, so remember to take this into consideration before moving.

Apartment-living wins on location and security while houses are usually larger and a bit more peaceful. Choose the one that may suit your lifestyle and don’t let anyone steer you in either direction; you know yourself better than any.

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