Birthday Parties

Everyone loves a party. You can kick back, relax with your nearest and dearest, and celebrate a milestone or event. It can be your standard birthday party, or an event held for a christening or wedding. However, while we all love a good “do”, it’s the birthday parties that are the most special.

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After all, who doesn’t love a party that is dedicated solely to them? Most of us can remember the blissful birthday parties we had as children, when we got to be the star of the show and enjoy a delightful selection of gifts. As a parent, you probably want to ensure that your child has such wonderful memories to look back on in the future. As their birthday approaches, you spring into planning mode, wanting to guarantee the best experience possible.

During the decision-making and planning process, there is one choice that will define the entire party: should you host at your house, or outsource the party outside of the home? We’re firmly of the opinion that the latter is the best decision: here’s why.

Home Parties Are Inherently Messy

Hosting a party at home probably brings to mind the idea of having fun in a casual setting, being able to relax, and having everything you need on hand. You imagine a smooth, simple affair, and it sounds so tempting… but you’re probably forgetting you’re going to have to deal with the cleanup.

Removing trash and repairing any damage sustained really isn’t the nicest way to spend the evening after your child’s party. You’re going to want to kick back and relax, but that’s impossible if you host at home. However, if you hold the party outside of your house, then the company will take care of all the cleaning up for you.

Home Parties Are Always Limited

You can be the very best hostess in the world, but there’s only so much you can do with a home party. You have limited space and limited scope for attractions and entertainment.

Take the party outside of your home and the scope is endless. If you choose to go with the likes of Stratum, birthday parties can be a cornucopia of games such as laser tag and endless fun. Head to an amusement park and every guest will be delighted at the range of rides on offer. For older children, you could even consider a restaurant where guests can sample a variety of delicious cuisines.

Home Parties Are Stressful

Hosting a party is all about meeting needs. The primary need, of course, is your child’s– but you’ll also have to factor in a variety of requests from other parents. Do you really want to spend hours trying to find gluten-free or vegan food? Or figuring out how you’re going to decorate when there’s a child attending who has a fear of balloons?

When you outsource a party, then you can simply hand over a list of requirements. Essentially, meeting the needs of everyone stops being an issue you personally have to deal with, alleviating a huge amount of stress from yourself.

So yes, it’s conclusive: birthday parties are best held outside the house. Do you think you’d be tempted to opt for an out-of-house party on your child’s next birthday?

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